The World’s Richest People and How They Spend Their Money

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As per observations in the third month of the year 2013, Forbes magazine reports that the number of billionaires has reached a high of 1,426 individuals worth a sum total of $5.4 trillion, with USA carrying the lion’s share of 442 and Asia following closely with 386 rich men and women.

The top five in the list of the very rich include the 73 year old $73 billion Mexican telecoms mogul, Carlos Slim Helu. Carlos is followed by the 57 year old $67 billion Microsoft computer philanthropist American, Bill Gates. The 76 year old Amancio Ortega in Spain comes third with his $57 billion Zara empire.

The 82 year old American, Warren Buffett comes fourth with his $53.5 billion Berkshire Hathaway estate. The 68 year old American Oracle boss, Larry Ellison is number five with $43 billion business empire.

Sources report that only 5 of the total number of world billionaires remain single and unmarried, therefore, most eligible. It seems like money loves family. Ladies and gentlemen, you are free to send your proposals. Who wouldn’t like to marry a billionaire?

Up for grabs, lies a piece of sandy beach in California by the name Carbon Beach, where these billionaires scramble to pay $200,000 for each square foot of sand. Sand here seems to provide the much needed comfort, solace and tranquility instead of lush greenery as preferred by many ordinary investors.

Most of the wealth gotten by these billionaires spans across a wide range of economic fields such as technology, manufacturing, oil, real estate, minerals and sometimes, industrial or monopolistic ventures. It seems like no boundaries exist as to where money will come from, so long as the investment is profitable.

After discovering the amount of money generated by teams in various sporting activities, many billionaires have started targeting teams as cash cows. The rich often buy with a view to reaping big from the purchase. There are of course those who have a higher propensity to purchase for leisure, a streak that commoners view as bordering on extravagance.

Notable expenditures registered among the rich include the following items among many others:

How billionaires spend their money

Item purchased
Larry Ellison
Hawaiian Island @ $500 million plus airline
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal
Saudi Arabia
Boeing 747
Carlos Slim
Spanish Soccer team
Micky Arison
Miami Heat NBA Champs
Jimmy Haslam
Cleveland Browns Football team @ $1 billion
Mark Cuban
Malcolm Glazer
Manchester United Soccer team
Craig McCaw
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO @ $35 million
Shahid Khan
Jacksonville Jaguars @ $770 million
Tom Benson
New Orleans Saints (Pelicans) and bought NBA Hornets @ $338 million
Stephen Lansdown
Bristol City Football Club
Alisher Usmanov
Airbus A340-300
Source: Forbes Magazine 2013

Fred Deluca ($2.6 billion) owns Subway restaurants in the USA. He is aged 65. Fred borrowed $1,000 from his family and friends to start a a submarine sandwich shop in Connecticut. Out of this venture came up the world’s largest chain of restaurants opportunely named “Subway”, generating a revenue of $18.1 billion by the year 2012. Although Subway doesn’t own a single location, it gathers 8% of franchisee revenue from each outlet. A brilliant way of making a continuous flow of cash after mooting a business idea. who would ever imagine people would want a bite in the busy subway? So long as men and women carry empty stomachs, food will always find a ready market in response to the laws of demand and supply.

Rick Ross Goes On A $600K Shopping Spree! (New Whip & Black Diamonds chain)

The Stuff Billionaires of this World are made of

Shopping Habits

With so much money in their bank accounts, one cannot help wondering how some of this money is spent. A brief research restricted to five items reveals some habits that are worth noting. While a few billionaires prefer to live a simple life, others over-extend themselves. I observed that quite a bit of their money goes into at least five of the items listed below:

Real Estate:

There has been a tendency among the very rich to target prime property in real estate, which drives the value of land very high, making some regions unaffordable to common citizens. The Wall Street Journal reports that most wealthy men and women prefer to own more than two places they can call home. The more an individual owns such homes, the better and more secure they feel. The Vancouver Ethiopian Blog reports that, Bill Gates lives in a large 66, 000 square feet of a mansion, while Carlos Helu has maintained a modest abode for four decades without shifting.

Hotels and Health Resorts:

The wealthy seem to have strong ties to good health and their own general wellbeing. Talk of loving yourself. A lot of money is spent in hotel events, treatment sports, health spas and holiday resorts where they recuperate in seclusion and far away from public scrutiny.

5 thoughts on “The World’s Richest People and How They Spend Their Money

  1. “Filthy Rich”. Think about the true meaning of the phrase. I do feel lucky I was not cursed with this disease. The thought of just having the “mindset” to allow yourself that much denial is an unbearable burden. Those who chose their “creature comforts” over the welfare of their fellow man deserve a special place in hell. What have you done for your fellow man today? Do you think there are other things more important? Our young people today have been overwhelmed by Hollywood and Madison Avenue and deserve the label of the “Instant Gratification Generation.” “F#@k ‘Em” is their motto. Their “Give a Damn” is busted. The church and community has been successfully excised from their lives. Of course, if your part of that Satan Worshipping Catholic Church, that’s probably a good thing. There are people participating on this website that are “awakened” and know that this fight goes beyond the physical realm. We, literally, are at “critical mass” in the spiritual battle as well with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. Everyone should be asking themselves what they could do today to make it a better world instead of thinking about their next “score”. The “root of all evil” is the test of the worthiness in your “heart of hearts” to determine your reaction to fame and fortune. Everyone experiences the “fork in the road” and must chose a path. If you want to know if your on the right path, take a look at your latest prayer and if you don’t pray, I’ll pray for you.

    1. “There are people participating on this website that are “awakened” and know that this fight goes beyond the physical realm.”

      This is so true, Millard. This is why people like Billy Gates are obsessed about having their consciousness transferred into an artificial humanoid and they can live forever while gaining even more money and power. Gates has no soul, so there is no loss as far as he’s concerned.

      This will work out fine until Billy’s electronic brain gets hacked while he’s plugged into the Internet. Hell, he may even be defeated by his own faulty Microsoft Windows operating system, and he won’t be able to create a Update Patch in time to save his internal hard drive. Bill’s last vision of his dynasty will be a blue screen with a flashing error code. 🙂

      1. Thanks for your comments Inretrospect. Bill Gates has that innocent look to him like he’s someone’s nerdy grandson. However, this man is a ruthless, corrupt, cutthroat who stole most of the technology from others for Windows. Those seeking compensation can get in line with the rest of humanity. Nerdy evil personified, I believe Bill Gates sold his soul a long time ago.

  2. Nice article, but IMHO I think the word “philanthropist” should never be used in connection with Bill Gates, as the word means “love of mankind” and he is clearly the opposite. I believe the word you are looking for “misanthropist”, hater of mankind.

  3. Sounds like it was written by Robin Leach (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous), but I think the purpose of the article (there’s a propaganda motive in all MSM) is to convince Americans that they’re still living in the “land of opportunity”.

    I think people become wealthy these days because someone else allows it, and if they were of the wrong political persuasion, they’d be attacked by government agencies to make sure their business venture fails.

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