11 thoughts on “There’s a problem with Brighton’s Christmas lights

      1. HaHaHa yes Angel and yes I guess I deserve all the guff I get for saying that . What can I say, you are right :mrgreen: . P.S. Actually, LOL, I guess ya could say that I was asking for it when I said that 😉

  1. Ladies,

    I listen tp FTTWR on liberty tree radio, everyday. I don’t call in, but perhaps we should call in, to tame the guys so to speak, LOL.

    Maybe tomorrow… HEHE

    I don’t know, I’m radio shy and afraid of what Mr H may dish out…

    I do think the station needs a boost!

    Lets give it to them !

    Love the regs, but us ladies need to step it up!

  2. It’s an imaginative and hilarious way for a light-stringer to hand in his resignation.

    I don’t suppose they’ll ask him to string lights next year.

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