2 thoughts on “They are coming …..

  1. A Serbian warning Americans of what will happen if we don’t fight the Marxists. He’s never been to America but loves the freedom this country was built upon.
    This is a warning.

  2. He loves America that we love, pure, true liberty and sovereignty, he understands this but never lived this, he is reflecting on the actual DNA in us.

    What he misses is; that real Americans have yet to even show ourselves, there is a trickle here and there, mixing in and around these little protests and responses to local city halls, etc..

    He should buy some popcorn and an Orange Fanta, because when this mthrfkr jumps it is on, and on for good… but he won’t see much, because the Machine will shut off the internet and global media feeds as the MSM et all, peer networks will all be taking heavy hits, they’ll be broadcasting pure propaganda via their Bunker rat holes.

    All real info must be sent out over Shortwave, Ham and hacked sattelites etc. maybe even some carrier pigeons…

    Don’t weep for us my Serbian friend, you ain’t seen nothing yet..!

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