They Are Moving Forward with ALL (!) Their Plans While No One is Paying Attention

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THE INTERNET MILITIA – As one country after another goes into lockdown ID2020 is being rolled out as one of the solutions for a ‘better world’ after the coronavirus circus is over. ID2020 is part of a much bigger agenda. As is all the rest below.

In 2017 Microsoft joined ID2020, “a global Alliance whose goal is to create universal digital identities for everyone”

“The fundamental mission of creating a universal identification system that incorporates every person on the globe, using modern technology and the support of various governments, financial institutions and more is the goal hidden behind the humanitarian cause.

The “humanitarian cause” is the part where Gavi, Microsoft and ID2020 give digital IDs to refugees. The non-humanitarian cause is the profiling, tracking and oppressing of everyone on this planet with the ID2020 digital control grid.

In the UK, Jeremy Corbyn is calling for more government dependency as governments around the world creepingly take control over people’s EVERY move during the coronavirus outbreak.

In the U.S.“former presidential candidate Andrew Yang (D) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) are among those who support some form of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a means to address the economic ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.”

In Denmark, the parliament just gave itself the power to forcefully vaccinate people against the coronavirus, while there’s not even a vaccine available.

In China, the government already was in full control of its imposed tyranny.

Also, with everything being shut down people and governments are going to be forced to borrow more money as well. Further increasing their debt and private financiers their control over governments, people’s lives and assets.

Governments are collecting less taxes with the economy having ground to a halt and several of those governments are also increasing their “financial assistance” to their citizens.

They all need more money, which they can only borrow. Even for the lockdowns governments are borrowing money because their budgets were already shaky before the whole outbreak was even an issue.

Both 1st world and 3rd world countries have the same fate. This much is clear by now.

In The News Today


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