15 thoughts on “This is what they were trying to keep We the People from seeing

  1. This is so sick, sadistic and horrific. Those bastards wouldn’t think twice about doing the same thing to any one of us.

    Thanks Wade for bringing this forward, as disgusting as it is, it needs to be seen by all.

    1. Deb, as I was just watching this I was thinking the same thing…they have no regard for life in any form, and would slaughter men, women and children like this and not even blink an eye.

      Ladies and gentlemen, this is frightening!!

      1. I know 1611, the things that were racing through my mind while watching this, questions I had, like who gave the orders to kill these cattle? Did they just blindly with no emotion just take them out without a thought? Those were living beings that he BLM MASSACRED. Without conscience and with malice as far as I’m concerned. This is the type of mindset that we have to deal with and yes, it’s frightening.

  2. Aw Wade. I’m not surprised at all. Thank you sir for posting this. Hope this thing goes viral. I just sent it to friends of mine, and i know they will pass it on.

  3. Thanks Wade, excellent video of what they did.
    There is no excuse and we the people should hunt them bastards down and take out justice as the courts will never give those that were involved what they deserve.
    Yes, I say find those f`ers take them out to the hotest most remote part of the desert strip them of all their clothes and drive off and leave them there to find their own way. They would never survive a long slow painfull death die`n of exposure and thirst.
    Screw them damned govt. workers. this is what they do for our hard earned tax dollars that pays their wages 🙁 👿

  4. First of all thanks Wade for bringing this to light. BLM and this sadistic Gov. needs to be brought to Justice. I’m not sure how to send this post to facebook and every tv station out there. These people who just killed a man’s Hurd are horrible beings. I’m to angry to speak.

  5. The ‘cult of death’ in action.
    This time their killing cows…next time?

    The ‘cult of death’ needs to be dismembered before they dismember america.


  6. Apparently, sipsey is now urging supporters of the Bundy family to stop sending donations to the numerous individuals who are defending the Bundy ranch.
    His request is posed as if vounteers and those defending are solely OK’s., and that anyone who has/is donating logistical goods are only sending it to stewie and his quislings.

    “The cluster coital stuation at the Bundy Ranch. Hold up on the donations of gear, goods and green until the situation becomes clearer:
    I’ll hopefully have an intelligent analysis later today of what has been happening with provocateurism, disinformation and infighting at the Bundy Ranch since the moment I got on the plane to come back east, but I am awaiting some further communication from Oath Keepers. Hold up on the donations of gear, goods and green until the situation becomes clearer.”
    Posted by Dutchman6 at 8:16 AM.

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