7 thoughts on “This Russian Weapon Can Destroy an Entire Army

  1. Can I get one of these on Amazon….?
    I guess Mr. Bozos is still working on the procurement and contract fine print.
    I’m sure UPS and Fedup will be delivering these on doorsteps and running off so the neighbors can steal it.
    Like fkng hotcakes.

    1. All in favor. I, motion on the floor carriess. Russian tech will nuke shitreal, ok then moving on to second motion for uhh, oh the federal reser..

  2. Seriously though, this was made by some cheese dick company that steals money to make anti Russia computer movies about how scared we should be. If the Russians made it id be stoked.

    1. And why would one alert the (potential) enemy about capabilities. If the endgame M.A.D. already has been established…

      I mean come on. This is only prepping the enemy to come up with new strategies to overcome the new potentials, that won’t come as a surprise.

      Then again, if a CGI movie of say $1,000,000 can result in a war never fought that ultimately would cost billions their lives and destroying Trillions in infrastructure, I would say that is money well spend… At least they tried EVERY way not to get into a war.
      (IT is what the Good Side would be obligated to do if one believes in the characteristics of Good and Bad.)

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