Tier 5 Unemployed Free Coalition Nationwide Rally

99ers who have become frustrated with the lack of initiative in the cause are now using the website From the Trenches World Report and uniting as a free coalition, determined to regain recognition from the government they have supported for the last thirty years.  We are determined to put the apathy behind us and to become a force that will have to be reckoned with.

The site is opened to all 99ers and their supporters and features such pages as Organized Resistance where we put our names and states which are transferred to a list to be used for coordinated strategies.

Then there is the Know your Enemies page brought forth by Mark S. from Nevada, where he is investigating and evaluating the enemies of the 99ers.

We also have a Think Tank where strategies are being developed to be used in attacks against our enemies in every corner of the country.

At present one individual, Mark from Tennessee, put forth the idea of a nationwide rally at local unemployment offices.  Those who want to participate are encouraged to add their name and address of their local unemployment office to The Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance page, after which they are added to the rolls.  Once we make the Nationwide Rally a reality we will have shown that as individuals we can operate and maneuver as an army.

Since From the Trenches World Report was launched the number of people coming to the site to participate has grown exponentially and as a result I personally believe we are finally going to see something of substance accomplished.

As for our so called representatives, if they do not see what is developing here and move to recognize the 99ers as citizens with rights equal to those of every other citizen, especially the banksters, they do so at their own peril, as there is no end to the problems we can cause them within a very short time.

Not to mention if we keep growing like we are we could conceivably vote any politician into office or out at our discretion, including Barack Obama.  We have two years until 2012 so if you are a 99er the time has come for action.  Your participation is not only encouraged but needed.  Let’s show our detractors what a bunch of lazy 99ers can do, starting with the Nationwide Rally.

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  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I am also a 99er, I have tried unsuccessfully for over 2 years to find a job that will support me and my family. I am at whits end. Being from the great state of Ohio doesn’t make it any easier. Here is how bad it is, Yesterday I finally had an interview for a marketing company located in Columbus, Ohio,, which is 90 miles from my house, that is a heck of a drive to obtain work, however, I am willing to do whatever it takes to find employment, needless to say here is how the interview went. Upon arrving at the business complex, I was greeted by a nice lady who handed me off to the owner of the company, this was done in a very professional manner; Step 2 we all set down at the owners desk and begin to talk, at this point everything is going well, the owners only concerns about me was the distance I would be driving to obtain this work she may be soon offering me; Step 3 she asks, (when can you start?) as soon as possible, I reply. Her next few words where those from a political standpoint, which caught me off guard, since I didn’t initiate the topic, I thought I might ask an innocent little question of her, me playing kinda dumb about politics said, (what is the government gonna do with all of these people who are out of work?) she replied, they need to just get out of the way. I am thinking to myself, get out of the way of what?? I remain silent, she goes on to say, ( and those 99ers could be dangerous, armed bodyguards may be needed at unemployment lines soon.) HMMMM, I am a 99er and I do not plan on shooting anyone who works at the unemployment office, If she only knew the way the unemployment process works, it is not done through an office anymore, it is done via the internet or telephone, so your bodyguards may not be as needed as you believe, unless the user plans on shooting their gun through the telephone or internet provider. I was thinking to myself, WOW, she doesn’t get it. By the way, Miss business owner, I’m sure you have never felt the kind of pain us 99ers have felt over last few years, Hence, her next little piece of information had to deal with her unlike of unemployment insurance in general…She stated that it only makes people lazy and an excuse not to work. Does anyone at your publication feel I should take this job if it is offered to me? Unfortunately, most of businesses are owned by this kind of hatred mentality or for lack of a better name,,, The REPUBLICAN PARTY..

    Very Concerned,
    Mark, OH

    1. Mark,
      I would definitely take any work offered. You do not have to agree with her views. For the sake of your family, take the job, but remember how the world really is out here and know that things are going to get worse. Spend what money you make preparing yourself for the inevitability of what lies ahead, in short, guns, bullets, and beans.

  2. CO Unemployment Insurance Division
    1515 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO 80202
    (303) 620-4200

    There is a law firm asking people to submit their stories about delays in food stamp processing. If you have had any problems please call 303.539.2975.
    This is the # to a law firm -(represented as the ‘Food Stamp Task Force’) not a bunch of b.s. –
    If you are having problems with applying for and receiving food stamps – or know of someone who is, pease call and leave your name, number and a lawyer at then firm will return your call…
    Please share this information…

    Denver Unemployment Examiner

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