10 thoughts on “TIFFANY DOVER – Another Vaccine Casualty

  1. I don’t doubt that the shot could cause her death, but severals article I’ve seen say she’s from Tennessee not Alabama. Also, when the guy searched her name and death records I’d like to have seen the day she died, which the site did not expose.
    Anyway, who really knows with the way they LIE about everything. I sure hope she did not die.

    1. My understanding is that she worked in Tennessee and lived in Alabama. I looked at “https://www.searchquarry.com/namesearch/results?again=true&recordtype=Public&fname=tiffany&lname=dover&city=&state=all” and for some reason Tiffany Dover doesn’t come up. I called public records and the woman I talked to said she don’t know why the name doesn’t come up. She went away and talked to her IT guy and he couldn’t explain it either. Go ahead and give it a try for people you know are dead and it works just fine. I tried John Smith to see if it overloaded the system for either Tennessee or Alabama and again the search worked just fine. So it appears to be only Tiffany Dover… I hope she’s okay too so that she can see her two kids grow up.

  2. I had read a few days ago that she had died. People were suspicious as she had not posted to her Instagram account. I thought perhaps she is unable to post due to neurological damage from the kill shot

    If she is alive and WELL one would think she would be presented before the media to quash the rumors of ‘vaccine’ harm

    I’m a bit surprised this video has not been taken down by utube

        1. I saw this video too which is pretty great evidence that she is alive, well at least at the point when she made the video.

          1. Can we stop with the ‘Where in the world is Tiffany Dover’ shit?

            Call me a bitch or whatever but I don’t give a rat’s ass whether this ignorant nurse is alive or dead!
            She voluntarily took a shot that had been revealed by numerous physicians around the world that this was not the typical vaccine. Even the FDA website stated neither ‘vaccine’ had been approved. It was given EUA, emergency use authorization. She had ten months to research this whole scamdemic as many others have done.

            What is it about people that show so much concern for a woman who would without hesitation inject the kill shot into others?

            I am way more concerned about the thousands of miscarriages that occurred in 2009-2010 following the flu shot that many pregnant women were convinced to take by nurses and doctors back the during the H1N1 scamdemic. A pregnant woman should NEVER receive ANY vaccine. And how about all the disabilities and deaths incurred around the world with ‘approved’ vaccines?
            Vaccination is attempted murder.

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