To General David Petraeus Please Read Description Below Too

Published on May 13, 2013 by roypotterqa

Information to General Petraeus. I followed through on this as a result of a disabled Vietnam Vet named Steve who asked me on the Pete Santilli Show to please do something as his time is running out. You are my brother, Steve, and I will do all I can. I know this request to the General sounds rooted in Judeo-Christian Tradition, but it actually crosses many spiritual systems. This is not Zionist diatribe, even though I draw from Judeo-Christian writings; those that are well-received, and those that are not. I am not intimating he is the Jewish Messiah (not Jesus or anything like that); Not at all. I am linking to a Davidic Servant, a preparer. I must emphasize that! I am an educated historian and my area of emphasis is in the First Century and the results of those events. I am drawing from my military experience, my education, my study, my spiritual roots, and what I hope is a logical conclusion given all the legends, words, and facts. We must see the fruits; if someone’s conversation outruns their demonstration, then we do not have to concern ourselves much. Superstition? No; Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for; the EVIDENCE of things unseen. Please read all my comments below the video addressing those with observations/questions. That will help you to see the bigger picture I am showing.

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