To Pay or Not to Pay

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That used to be the question.  Today, the answer’s pretty obvious, due to admissions by the IRS’ top extortionists:  “No mas.”  The main admission, other than that the 5th Amendment is for the protection of innocent people, was that the income tax is voluntary.

I’m sorry to admit that I did volunteer to file and pay one time, back in ’76 for the year 1975.  That was my first year as a drilling foreman with ARCO, starting out in Hobbs, New Mexico.  I’d made pretty good money as a longshoreman and diver in Texas in the early ‘70s before two years of working for nothing in Rhodesia, but it had never occurred to me to file a tax return, since taxes were withheld from my paycheck and I just figured, Keep it, you rat bastards.  I’m not going to okay you robbing me by asking for some of it back.  While I did “volunteer,” I didn’t know it.  I’d figured I had a gun to my head.  

The interesting thing about that check I sent the IRS in ’76… When it was eventually returned, cancelled, by my bank, I happened to look at the cancellation on the back, expecting it to say, “Pay to the order of the IRS, or the Treasury Department.”  Instead, it read, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”  In 1976 I wasn’t aware that the Federal Reserve System was/is a private, profit-making corporation, or that the only one that mattered was the one in New York.  I’d heard rumors, but the idea was kind of preposterous, which makes it hard to explain to novices.  I didn’t believe it for real until the federal court decision, Lewis v. US, in 1982, in which the 9th Circuit court told Mr. Lewis that he couldn’t sue the US government for getting hit by a Federal Reserve truck because the Fed isn’t part of the government.  The court said the Fed is a privately-owned, profit-making corporation.  I didn’t hear about Lewis for another year after that.  My cancelled check, however, was proof that the IRS is a collection agency for a private business.

None of this makes any sense or any difference.  We didn’t sign any contracts with anyone promising to pay some percentage of our income.  Income itself means “gain,” not a trade of work for pay.  Most of us don’t receive any income anyway, since we get a straight trade for our work.  So the thing to do is just stop playing by their fake rules.  It doesn’t matter now if the 16th Amendment wasn’t ratified by the states or if it was, or that the Federal Reserve’s 100-year charter is up this year.  Nothing in writing means anything and never did.  All that matters is our willingness to keep what’s ours and fight for it when someone tries to take it.

I’ve told this story before but it bears repeating…  I was visiting with my mechanic at his garage in Bakersfield one day in ’77.  He was under a car when two IRS agents came in, a man and a woman.  The man said, “Mr. Smith?”

“Be right with you.”

“Mr. Smith, we’re with the IRS, from Fresno?”

“ – Yeah?”

“Well, you haven’t answered our letters.  We want you to pay what you owe us.”

“Hold on.”

Eventually he rolled out from under the car, wiped his hands off and indicated that they should follow him into his office.  When they all got in there, he reached under the desk and produced a sawed-off shotgun and placed in carefully on the desk.  “What do you want to talk about?”

Taken aback, the agents recoiled and the man said, “Are you threatening us?”

Bruce Smith shrugged.

They said that he couldn’t get away with such a thing and that they would be back with the police.  They left.  But they never came back.  It occurred to me that if they were legit, they’d have come back.  What they did was go to the next sucker, one who didn’t pull a gun on them.  That was like a big, bright light bulb coming on.

It was my first lesson in dealing with the IRS, or any so-called agency of the government, actually.  I didn’t file for ’76 or for any year thereafter.

In my job as a drilling consultant, I’m an independent contractor and am no one’s employee, so there’s no withholding.  But when I was an employee of a couple of big corporations, I filed W-4 Exempt and kept it all then, too.  Never filed for those several years, either.  Your employer can’t question your claim of exemption.  To be a taxpayer, you need to volunteer.  If you don’t volunteer, you’re not a taxpayer.

However, something did happen to me that should be mentioned, in case the reader might think that I’m getting some kind of free ride on the taxpayers’ backs.  About thirteen years ago, in 2000, I inherited from my late aunt about $2.2 million.  The first thing that happened to that small fortune was that the IRS took about $935,000 off the top in what they called “inheritance taxes,” since an officer of the court was in control of the money.  Then, a small group of these officers of the court – corrupt judges and lawyers – in Monterey County got the rest of it.  A smaller bequest from my late mother, about $900,000, was also taken by them within a few months.  One of the lawyers went to prison, the two judges were “administratively sanctioned” (removed from lucrative probate cases) and the lawyer I finally hired to help me also wound up in prison, but I didn’t get my money back.  I really could have used that money.  I could have started the revolution with it.  Revolutions are getting expensive.  Presumably the legal thieves had the green light from the feds to loot my fortune but got a little too greedy.

The reader can imagine the writer’s opinion of lawyers and judges in general but this piece is about the IRS.  If anyone asks me why I don’t pay taxes, I say, I have paid all I’m going pay.  But since the whole thing is voluntary, there’s no need to worry about it.  I know this is hard for a taxpayer to believe, a taxpayer who doesn’t know he’s been volunteering all these years.  He thought he had no choice – death and taxes.  Well, we just heard from a high IRS official that that’s not true.

But what if it were?  What if they said we had no choice – pay up or go to prison?  I know – they do say that.  Been saying it for decades.  Wesley Snipes.  Al Capone.  Gordon Kahl.  Well, there is that.  But why is that?  If the income tax is voluntary, then why have thousands of people been sent to federal prison?  And more hundreds of thousands such as Willie Nelson lost everything?  Which is it – voluntary or compulsory?

It’s whatever you can get away with, through force or guts or guile.  Because it’s a criminal scam.  Vernice Kuglin, James Cheek and Tommy Cryer and Joe Bannister have persuaded juries that it’s voluntary.  Most defendants have not been able to do this.  My Bakersfield buddy, Bruce Smith, used force.  This writer uses the threat of force, due to his reputation.  That may or may not work for you, because they have to believe that they might be killed for messing with you.

If you call the IRS and ask for the law that requires you to file, you’ll get stonewalled because there is no law.  And the odds are very long that if you stop filing and paying that anything will happen, because there are nowhere near enough “agents” to find you, what with millions of Americans not bothering to file.  Every year, more and more Americans just don’t file and nothing happens to the vast majority of them.  That number is going to skyrocket now, now that the IRS is being revealed as the bunch of political, fin-crime terrorists it has been from the beginning.  The Jewess in charge of the “tax-exempt determinations unit” screwed up and said she was innocent and then invoked the 5th Amendment (which is considered a crime by the IRS when you put it on your tax return) and walked out of the hearing, no doubt hoping no one would stop her.  It was pretty funny, because legally you can say you’re not guilty and defend yourself or shut up and invoke the 5th Amendment.  But not both.

This nasty broad was previously head of the Federal Elections Commission.  She tried to frame a conservative senate candidate from Illinois, Al Salvi, back in ’96 on behalf of the Israel-friendly Democrat, Dick Durbin.  Salvi was exonerated after the dust settled but lost the election to Durbin, who’s still in office after all these years of supporting Israel and Jews everywhere.  Lois Lerner, despite spending millions to prosecute Salvi, was put in an even more powerful political position with the political branch of the IRS.  With typical Jewish gall, she extracted a promise from Salvi that he would never again run for office for the rest of his life!

This confusing and extremely intimidating environment isn’t good enough for me.  We need to take advantage of their criminal nature, especially now that the IRS and the whole government, by extension, is on the defensive.  It actually looks as if a perfect storm is building.  The perfect storm for a revolution.

Personally, I don’t care what the reason is that we’re attacked by the feds.  Any reason is fine with me.  But this country was started by a tax revolt, supposedly, so there would be nothing wrong or unnatural in doing that again.  Franklin claimed the Revolution stemmed from Parliament outlawing colonial scrip – the colonists’ parallel form of debt-free currency – and mandating the sole use of the pound sterling for all commerce and taxes to the Crown.  The Bank of England’s pound was the same private scam as today’s Federal Reserve Note, a business-issued, debt-based instrument of tyrannical domination by the Jews.  It ran the colonies into the ground, just as we’ve been run into the ground by the Jewish Federal Reserve Note.

The Jews know when they’ve torn the ass out of something and generally have a Plan B, which in this case is probably a shut-down of the hated IRS and a replacement with an escape-proof VAT or UN sales tax.  The tax system we have now is actually pretty good for us because of the technical claim of its being voluntary, if you have the knowledge and guts to take that claim literally.  My thirty-seven years of non-filing indicates there’s some truth to that claim.  Either that or the extortionists don’t want to dick with me, or that somehow, despite my notorious career, they never noticed me.  Whichever it is, if you do what I’ve done, they’ll leave you alone.  But you have to be tough, like me.  Mentally tough and willing to kill.

The reader knows that I don’t like analysis without a solution being offered.  When it comes to violence, I’m still about the only one pushing that as a solution.  Don’t believe the wimps who say, “Violence is never a solution.”  Ask George Zimmerman or the gal in Georgia who had to shoot the murderous lunatic who hacked his way into her house and was about to hack up her and her kids hiding in a closet until she drilled him.  Violence is a nasty fact of life and the ONLY way to deal with it is with greater violence.  The one with the most violence wins.  It is your responsibility to make sure that that one is you.  To make sure means having a gun on you all the time.

Louis Beam observed thirty years ago, “If your life’s worth protecting part of the time, it’s worth protecting all the time.”  Meaning, guns aren’t just for home defense – they’re for defense everywhere you go.  In your car, in the grocery store – wherever.  I do not recommend a concealed permit, which is in your dossier that the cop checks out when he stops you.  A permit to carry can get you killed by your deadliest enemy in this world – a cop.  The feds and cops can use your registered permit as an excuse to shoot first and no questions later, because you’re known to be armed and dangerous.  Besides – we’re Americans and we don’t need no stinking permits.  Just keep them guessing and unsure about things.  Which is not to say they won’t lie and plant one on your dead body.

For the record, while this piece was being written, my wife and our Idaho neighbor, “Jenny,” were talking by phone the other morning and were disconnected while talking.  My wife had had three instances over the past couple of weeks of missing prescription meds, seemingly lifted from our kitchen and bedroom.  Jenny first called, very upset, that she’d found one of my wife’s missing meds bottle stuffed down in her couch.  They were then disconnected.  Jenny called back to say that she’d felt a cold draft coming up from downstairs, despite the door down there being always locked shut.  She went down to find it wide open and through the door, just outside, a gallon can of something flammable was burning next to her house, the fire spreading from the gushing contents.  She ran out to sling it away from the house, not really thinking, and burned her fingers.  Her garden hose had been disconnected – not by her – and it took her a while to get it going and to put out the fire.  We went to her house immediately to help her and her two-year-old son, since the two phones were again disconnected twice more.

She called her husband who was in Montana and told him.  They both felt that the sheriff should be notified for the record and because of the serious threat to her and their child.  The sheriff arrived and made an inspection.  Robbi and I hung around for moral support.  At some point, he motioned Jenny outside and asked her if she was aware of who we are?  She said she was.  He told her that he was pretty sure that the crimes were connected to people who didn’t like what I’d said about gun control in that meeting back in February and who were sending a message to stay away from us.

Jenny didn’t mention the white SUV with blacked-out windows that had been following her and her husband for the past couple of weeks, or the prescription meds that had been missing both from our house and from her house.  The sheriff suggested that we weren’t probably the best kinds of neighbors to be had.  Jenny told him that that was not true.

The next day, Jenny was again followed by the white SUV with blacked-out windows.  This time, she got behind it, made the Wyoming license plate and called her father, who has some stroke with the feds.  It was an FBI vehicle, so we can figure what the sheriff meant about who probably threw the firebomb at their house.  America’s number one terrorist organization – who else?

I told Robbi, let’s make sure our fire insurance is paid up.  She’s still dealing with the mysterious and so-far incurable effects on her lungs from the drone visit last summer, effects which have stumped four GPs and two lung specialists.  Obviously, these are the sorts of things we can expect from any meaningful effort against this vicious and cowardly government.

Back to the IRS.  This bunch of crooks has to be wiped out along with the rotten “news organizations” that have protected them since the IRS was first used as an instrument of political destruction by Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s.  Now, incredibly, the IRS is hiring 16,000 new “agents” to be in charge of “affordable health care,” better known as Obamacare.  There is only one reason that hard-eyed extortionists would be in charge of “health care:” to frighten the customers so they won’t complain about the abuse they’ll receive from government doctors, lest they be audited or maybe charged with terrorism.  Can we imagine trying to justify a disputed medical procedure to an IRS agent?

There’s always a Jewish angle to terrorism and war and taxation.  There’s a Jewish angle to every one of our political and financial and legal problems.  Take Brandon Raub again:  Brandon is an ex-marine who was in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He identified himself as a critic of the US government with what he thought was private Facebook communication with family members, specifically with regard to the reason he went overseas to participate in mass murder:  9/11, which he privately suspected was a false flag operation.  Result:  picked up by feds and cops and taken to a Veterans Administration psychiatric prison in Richmond, Virginia and ordered by a probably Jewish psychiatrist to undergo a thirty-day psych evaluation.  Psychiatry is Jewish medicine – totally fraudulent in its therapeutic value and admittedly unprovable as to diagnosis of the patient.  One thing about it that works is the patient can be controlled and destroyed if necessary, due to the delicate nature of the brain.

To hide him from family and attorneys Brandon was taken west to another psychiatric prison in Salem.  There, another Jewish-controlled quack told him he was going to be “brainwashed, medicated forcibly,” which could mean only one thing:  a chemical lobotomy.  Luckily, he was ordered released by a judge just before this could happen.  Remember that his legal team discovered that this happens to 20,000 people every year just in Virginia.  It could happen to you if you let your guard down and don’t start shooting the second you realize “they’re coming to take me away, hey-hey.”

The Jews who run the Federal Reserve and the Jews who serve the Federal Reserve now consider veterans to be the number one threat to their planned dictatorship of America.  As evidence of this, recall that about two months ago in the throes of her insane attempt to outlaw “assault weapons,” Senator Dianne Feinstein declared in the Senate that ALL veterans must be considered mentally ill with PTSD and thus prohibited from owning “assault weapons.”  No Jew objected to this incredible display of Jewish fear of “the fascistic element of society” – which they consider all white men to be.  They hate Indians and blacks and Mexicans, too, but not as much as they do white Americans.  The Jews know how dangerous we are because we killed millions of their German enemies back in the 20th Century and millions of their Moslem enemies lately.  As long as we’re killing the right victims, they lionize us.  The minute we catch on, they want us disarmed and in psychiatric prisons or dead, depending.  Killers such as ourselves are dangerous servants.

Not much attention was paid to the recent discovery of mass graves of Palestinian victims of Jewish terror from the takeover in 1948.  Hundreds of skeletons were found by mistake when an old mass crypt collapsed when hit by an Israeli bulldozer.  This is what Jews do when they take over, which is always with American help.  When the Jews took over Russia with American help, they slaughtered millions of gentiles.  What happened in Palestine – and is still happening – is small potatoes compared with Russia.  But it’s the same idea:  lots of killing, lorded over and financed by American Jews in critical positions of American power.  The Jewish takeover of Russia was financed by Jacob Schiff with twenty million dollars given to the Communists in 1917.

As evidence that money from the income tax is not needed, we find that the IRS spent four million dollars on one “conference,” which is another word for “party.”  The only purpose of the income tax is to keep us impoverished to the extent that we can’t legally resist what they’re doing to us.  “Legal” means Jewish-controlled, because the Law is a Jewish plot.  Our way is not the legal way.

You know the platitude, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”  It’s a platitude because it’s true.  In Israel, for example, the Jews tax the Palestinians for all those great services provided them by the Zionist dictatorship.  Millions of dollars in overpayments were supposed to be returned to the hapless Arabs but the Jews simply said, No, you don’t get the money.  Or the fresh water you need that we took from you, or the freedom to travel around what used to be your land.  If you’re an Arab, it’s difficult to get anywhere when the roads are marked, “Jews Only.”

Here in the good old USA, the IRS is usually headed by a Jew.  Since the 1950s, during which we’ve had around eighteen permanent directors,  I count twelve Jews including the last one, the contemptuous Douglas Shulman, who admitted to visiting the White House one hundred fifty-seven times during his tenure.  He was temporarily replaced by a Jew named Steven Miller, who was fired by Obama, and is now permanently replaced by another Jew, Daniel Werfel.  Pretty remarkable for “2% of the population:” 66% of IRS directors.  Theory is that Shulman was discussing the takeover of “health care” by the Internal Revenue Service – total Jewish insanity moving toward its inevitable catastrophic climax.

The IRS’ parent company, the Federal Reserve, is virtually always headed by a Jew, which should go without saying.  The Jewish privatization of America’s treasury department began with the First Bank of the US right after we got stuck with the US Constitution in 1789, both courtesy of Alexander (Levy) Hamilton and his Federalists.

Too much analysis for this website:  What’s the recommendation, because this website is about proposals, not more analysis.  The recommendation is to emulate the founders of this country, who were tax rebels.  We’re not talking about a piddling tax on tea but a crushing steamroller of taxes at all levels that keeps us working for the Jews from January to June just to pay those taxes.  Even a “non-taxpayer” such as this writer pays for the taxes of everyone involved when he buys any product or service, because the vendor’s income tax has to be added to the cost or that person goes out of business very quickly.  Much more importantly, the fee we pay to the Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve for the use of their currency is the biggest tax of all.

We must all prepare to become violent tax rebels, just like the revolutionary founders.  The Federal Reserve System and its vicious collection agency must be destroyed.  All twelve Fed banks must be burned to the ground.  All Fed leaders must be captured and hanged along with their collection agents in the IRS.  Anyone who protects them must get the same treatment.  Otherwise, if we continue not to respond to the theft and intimidation, they win and we lose.

At the very least, the recommendation is that the reader stop filing and paying, now that the IRS has admitted publicly that the income tax is voluntary.  But this is a passive response and does not address the violent corruption of the Federal Reserve/IRS combination, which has proven to be too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings.  Whenever such a combination appears, it is our duty as American revolutionaries to suppress it.

3 thoughts on “To Pay or Not to Pay

  1. Best article of World truth & reality I’ve read by someone that had the fortitude to say it-as-it-is! Now, check out how many of the WH 33 Czars are Jewish, my count says at least 18……quite a ratio!!!! Continue to fight for Liberty, Truth & Freedom

  2. I read over a thousand pages of tax law and irs docs in 2003 to research a claim about “volunteer” taxes. Long short is I have never filed since. I feel that if you pay taxes you are financing terror. An ex tried turning me in after we broke up(crazy) and they hung up on her. I have never been contacted. She has been audited twice since(4yrs ago). I never carry a firearm but on the 2 times iv need to “intimidate” a person into leaving me alone my golfball tipped crossbow and a throwing ax(along with a very serious deep breath) has done the trick. I loved my guns but interstate travel allows fed intervention and my bows in some states have no regulation. They are very quiet as well.
    Much love to all who do not fund this machine called US CORP.

  3. In 1989 the economy went south and I shut down a small manufacturing corporation I owned. The IRS said I owed 10K in taxes so I paid that. I moved to another state and started a new business with zero legal hurdle jumping. No business license, no tax filing, no nothing. I haven’t filed taxes since, and I’ve never heard a thing from the IRS or anyone else.

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