Toddler Expelled From Daycare for Using Profanity

3-year-old expelled from daycare for foul languageGuardian LV – by Cherese Jackson

Jubilee Child Development Center in San Antonio, Texas has expelled a three-year-old girl for using profanity. This faith-based daycare has a zero tolerance for profanity. Arianna is not the first child the school has released because of it; another child was banned a few months ago.

Cassandra Wright, Arianna’s mother, feels the center should have let the child know that this is not a word she should say as opposed to putting her out of the school. Wright says she does not condone her child cursing but disagrees with the disciplinary action the school chose.  

Wright says she does not use profanity in her home and is not sure where her daughter learned the word. She doubts that Arianna even knows what the word “s**t” means. When Wright asked her daughter what word she used in school said she replied “animal.”

According to its website Jubilee Child Development Center has been educating and building character in a loving environment since 2005. The daycare center is a subsidiary of Jubilee Outreach Church.

The director for daycare center, Alissa Blankenship, says their policy is based on their belief that profanity spreads very easily. She also said the school does not believe this as an isolated incident. Blankenship says she worries that the child may say it again because she laughed after saying it.

The center’s director went on to say Jubilee Child Development Center is a private facility and reserves the right to dismiss any child they feel is not in the school’s best interest. Blankenship said as a parent herself there are always choices and decisions that have to be made.

Wright said not only was she devastated by the severity of her daughter’s punishment but she is very hurt. She saidToddler Expelled From Daycare for Using Profanity this method of discipline is too severe because Arianna is not old enough to realize what she was saying.

It is not uncommon for a faith-based school to have a tighter policy than a traditional school. The child’s punishment may seem harsh but the school has to protect the other children as well as their brand.

Children have several opportunities to hear foul language even when it is not from their immediate environment. This, however, does not minimize a school’s choice of discipline as it relates to profanity. Jubilee has a zero tolerance policy and has chosen to ban children who violate their established boundary.

When parents first hear foul language coming from their child’s mouth they must immediately began to strategize in hopes of eliminating the risk of their child becoming a repeat offender. Oft times telling a toddler that a word is bad does not hinder them; instead it can increase their fascination with using the word.

One strategy might be to explain to the toddler why the word is inappropriate and provide the child with substitute language. This type of strategy simply redirects the child. Ask the child if they know what the word they have chosen means and finally establish or reinforce the boundary which eliminates the use of foul language by adding consequences.

Wright has already stated that she does not agree with the consequence the daycare chose. It is unfortunate and may seem harsh to many, but little Arianna will now have to attend a new school and her mother will need to implement ways to avoid a repeat of this incident.

Jubilee Child Development Center has expelled three-year-old Arianna for using foul language. This faith-based daycare, located in San Antonio, Texas, has a zero tolerance for profanity.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Jubilee Outreach 
NY Daily News

49 thoughts on “Toddler Expelled From Daycare for Using Profanity

  1. Profanity and filth coming from the mouth’s of young children seems to be the norm in our present society. My parents raised six children, and none
    of us ever used profanity because we never heard it in our home. Come to think of it, we just never heard it period.

    And when we were growing up there was no profanity in the movies, on television or in the music. Now all that most children hear and see at home is filthy language, filthy movies and filthy music. And for the most part, the parents think it is “cute”.

    And while I am at it, the worst offenders these days with the trashy mouths seems to be the women. Pathetic!!

    I thank God I was raised in an atmosphere where young girls were taught to behave like ladies and boys were taught to be gentlemen. Our present society, for the most part, is pathetic!!!

    1. From what I have seen, that’s an example of being a “Good Christian” oh and their “s**t” doesn’t stink either……….

      Like most things these days this “Zero Tolerance” crap is wayyyyy out of hand.

      At least the DayCare Center didn’t go into “Lockdown Mode” and they didn’t call leos to secure the center and haul her off to juvie, who knows she could have dropped an f-bomb!

      1. I believe that the director of the day care implied that this was not an “isolated incident”.

        What ever happened to good old-fashioned
        discipline? The problem with most of the unruly children in our society is that they are coddled at home, coddled at school, coddled at grandma’s house, etc. No one wants to tell them “No!”

        Don’t want to obey the command? Prison will hold them. Unfortunately I have seen this far too many times during my career working in the inner-city.

        1. 1611 Believer
          “Don’t want to obey the command? Prison will hold them. ”

          In my day it was a bar of soap, open mouth insert soap and had to swish it around, couldn’t just spit it out.

          Jail let alone prison, was for murders and the like…….not for a 3 year old…just mho

          1. I think you missed my point, RT Hawk. What I was saying is that if any child does not learn discipline at an early age, and are allowed to run rampant, they will very likely end up in jail and prison when they become adults.

            But a three year old is not too young to be disciplined, and to learn that there are consequences to bad behaviour.

            Usually in cases like this the full story is not told. I tend to think that this was “not an isolated incident” with this child.

            I still say “Bravo!” to the school for taking a stand.

          2. 1611 Believer, I didn’t miss your point.

            Discipline at an early age is a given.
            Punishment should fit the “Crime” these supposed Adults overreacted. I think the parents could have explained to the child that word is not appropriate and some sort of punishment should have been handed down by the parents.
            Say bravo or whatever you want…….
            I think they overreacted……..
            I’m not going to beat a dead horse. I’ve said what I have to say. You have said what you want to say. I’m done on this thread. Blessed be~

        2. hog wash………….absolute hog wash… know what…
          Love is not there…from the adults…Never, Never is a problem a toddlers, always its the adults…each and every time…..without fail….
          Love is not there….

          1. I agree with you rbeason, because if a parent truly loves their child they will discipline and guide them. I keep on saying it, “Poor parenting”, it’s everywhere!!!!

      2. Hi RT. Long time no see, and good to see ya. Hope you’re doing well.

        I have to agree with you. Zero tolerance is not about setting good examples or helping children learn acceptable behavior; zero tolerance is about inducing fear and unquestioning obedience in the US zionist slave democracy.

        I worked for years with a group who worked with children with severe problems, from intolerable behavior to extremely suicidal, and we always “spared the rod.” Most of the kids we worked with were abused, emotionally, as well as with “the rod” or worse, which never works, or neglected or sexually abused. And these kids always improved emotionally and behavior-wise when given situations where they had to make choices else experience some logical consequences. Sometimes they made huge improvements with just the understanding, compassion, and guidance of a caring adult.

        If the adult is to the point that they think the only intervention is to hit a child, whether with a switch or leaving black and blue marks, then the adult is taking their own anger out on the child. I’m not saying some children’s behavior is not anger provoking, but if that’s the only intervention the adult is willing to use or reduced to using, then it’s time for the adult to take some parenting classes.

        And now I’m done with this thread, as well. Peace all.

        1. here again the subject of love is missed…it is not spoken of…a correction official, on staff will not need to expell anyone from a group,,,,that is (whose individuals are)in touch with the “love” that is given……………OH My that should draw lots of comments…… the word!………God think I will have a second career of just speaking of that word……… is spoken of, heard of, talked about so little on this site………………I am Appalled…….it’s as none of us here who post or comment have been with that word before……….

  2. “faith based” is part of the problem,……….first of all….no one, should do anything to a three-year old…girl or boy…
    end of story….and if this outfit is not understanding of it…
    then, don’t send kids there………..Parents have to think!!!

    1. And just what is the “problem” with faith-based? Perhaps I am personally “faith-based” and have taught my children how to behave and speak properly. Why should my children be exposed to children who come from homes where they aren’t taught how to behave?

      And you’ve got to be kidding, “no one should do anything to a three-year old”….this kind of thinking is the reason that the young people in our country are totally out of control and for the most part, obnoxious!!

      What ever happened to the good old-fashioned spanking if you get out of line???????

      1. All too true, 1611.

        Unfortunately, in this commie police state spanking is now considered child abuse. The kid(s) will be hauled off to CPS, and the parent(s) is/are likely to be incarcerated.

        Assuming the cops don’t shoot them outright, that is.

          1. Neither did mine.

            Plus they did me the huge favor of sending me to a private school (Catholic), where I actually received a good education (although I didn’t appreciate it at the time).

  3. foul language coming from their owns mouths? Well they were not born with words…those they learned…from, home, mainly….so look there to solve this…

      1. that’s my point…and I do not believe in spanking…I raised three children, have three grandchildren and do not believe in the death penalty of the legal system we have in the US…25% of the world’s jailed and what don’t know if its one percent of the total world pop….and what do you want….100% of the world’s jailed? I will add this….am personally a combat vet of Vietnam, drafted and incountry 1969 and if you think violence in any form, spanking also, is the solution to socialiability…You Are Wrong/….Violence, Killing is wrong and where in the hell in the New Testament do you find that? The Gospils? No Where, That’s what…No Where….now you see, why people are not on board of organized religion…I am a college grad, paid my own way and first year at Concordia College Moorehead Minn.(a lutheran private college) own choice…and am a friend of what Jesus Christ had to say….not what someone else said he said….
        People are not meant to kill, supress, victimize(youths also) don’t give a damn and am glad I was not one of your children….cause a child can be taught …..anything without spanking, or other abuse….now you see 1611believer….violence is its own teacher and not the new-testament./…
        Well, its this simple….do you want it done to you? NO!
        then don’t do to other adults, children or animals…
        Now how hard ….fuc… is that?
        let me also say of combat…its real…not some words on this web site or any other web site…..people forget! of it’s reality…well I have not forgotten….

        1. Please allow me to thank you for your service to this country, rbeason. I have the utmost respect and love for our veterans. I
          lost a brother and a sweetheart to Vietnam.

          I was not an abusive parent to my two children. My parents were not abusive to me. I do not consider spanking a child to be “violence”.

          Perhaps the reason our prisons and jails are so full is that for the last three generations there has been very little discipline in our homes or schools. What we are seeing on the streets are young people running rampant, committing violence on others because of the lack of discipline in our homes and schools.

          Let’s agree to disagree on some of these issues. We do agree on following the Christ of the Scriptures, and He was throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. And He is our only Hope and Salvation.

          1. know what jesus said of the old testament? After John the Baptist, meaning after his berth ….the law and the prophets are no more….and now it’s The Kingdom Of God…of which then Jesus went on to explain…
            so throw out the old testament of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…or forget the whole thing as a fake………….regards

  4. I personally like LIFEBOY soap. Had more a mellow flavor than Dove, Camay, and Irish spring. If we as kids ever dared swear to the teacher or in her presence my folks would have gotten a phone call and then the fun would begin with new culinary experience in SOAP. 🙂
    FOOOO!!!! 🙂

    Had BB guns too and never got into any trouble either with them. We’re dealing with a Mentally Ill government and School system from top to bottom. Common Horse Sense just doesn’t seem to apply to the NEUROTIC SCOCIALIST!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Vast Right Wing. Love your handle! I’m one

      My parents never used the old soap in the mouth. We got a few licks with a “switch” on the back of our little legs. Did not take but a few of those when we were young, and we caught on real fast!
      I still am grateful that my parents did not spare the rod.

      Yes, our government and school system is wicked to the core!!
      All one has to do is look around at the results from both systems.
      My dear older brother taught in high school after he retired from
      a career in the U. S. Navy and flew for Delta for a few years.

      He says that his biggest problem was not his students, but were their parents. When he disciplined one of their “little darlings” the parents took up for the student. When he gave a student the poor grade that they earned, the parents were always livid. Now that is
      poor parenting in action, and it is now the norm!

      When my husband and I are out in public and see well behaved,
      respectful children, we always make it a point to encourage the parents to keep doing what they are doing. Seeing well behaved children now is a rare thing.

      What ever happend to gold old “common horse sense”!!!

      1. yes………but the solution he communicated to you was the problem, not the parents……cause he (was hired to teach, parents also) and could not do that with the parents…know what? He, Didn’t Know Any Better…That’s why……..and here you are now, today throwing out that same BS./….well, give um…Hell, It’s what works……..Actually, it’s not what works………..People, youthful, middle and older all have thinking caps………NO…No…no one can take that away….put your cap back on and rethink this!

      2. well good old common horse sense wasn’t correct nor is that the problem of today….
        correctness wasn’t taught….and no, am not speaking of fear of the law, prison, no job or any of that….
        Love was not taught…..that’s the problem………OH I know…thing is, love is not weak, just the opposite, it is strong…and when it is not taught…then people have no leather upon which to hold………just that simple……i don’t have to describe to you what love is… already got it…………

  5. don’t need soap in the mouth either…
    need brains in the parents…all of them have it but don’t realize it…
    Young parents! ! ! Think……..this simple………don’t want it done to you, then don’t do it to your children, friends, neighbors, animals, as pets and think evil thoughts either….in this regard………..cause….tis a dead-end street…

    1. “…don’t want it done to you, then don’t do it to your children…”

      So you’re equating a child’s mentality with an adult’s? As if children know everything that their parents do, and are intelligent/mature enough to make all their decisions on their own, regardless of the consequences?

      I damn glad MY parents were more intelligent than that.

      1. i m speaking of violence, one on one..
        nothing to do with age, family, country and such…
        violence and killing is the lowest form of human behavior….period…
        I am not speaking of power structure, family, age, or any of that………..still holds true………violence is what it is..violence………and don’t do it to one-self, loved ones or others………..and how hard is that to grasp?

        and no…self defense is another thing!!

        1. Sorry, rbeason, but you lost me a few posts back. No one is promoting violence. You do seem to have a problem with discipline.

          When I was posting about my brother’s
          experience as a teacher, no where did I mention “one on one violence”. I was making the point of “poor parenting”.

          And would you mind clarifying your statement about me throwing out the same BS when I was speaking of my brother. He knew exactly what the problem was…coddling parents…which makes for
          demanding, obnoxious children.

          Children respond to discipline. It makes them feel “safe” and “loved”!! Discipline is
          not violence. Personally I feel that not disciplining a child is child abuse!!!!!!!!!!

          1. You’re wasting your time with this one, 1611.

            A few sandwiches shy of a full picnic basket.

          2. YOU ARE CORRECT i CAN be misunderstood…and i have no disrespect with you or your words here…or #1’s comments either..on this!
            Here it is! Discipline.. should never be…via violence…ever..even with the state or federal……….and if that is not clear to understand than you have to more inform me further….

  6. you know #1 I’d like to know the truth of your essence….
    and you refuse to give it………even a bit….and there is a reason
    i suspect…
    and your god awful prowess as # 1….put your story in honest out there and then the visitors to this site can judge for themselves….

    1. I’ll tell you exactly the problem I have with you, rbeason, just so there’s no misunderstanding here.

      When you first began posting here, your comments were what could be construed as reasonable and normal for the most part. But as time went on, you changed your style of writing. Many of your comments now are of a rambling, unintelligible format, and to be perfectly honest, quite irritating at times.
      I get along quite well the vast majority of the posters here, some of us talk on the phone, and have each others e-mails. I’m really not that hard to get along with, despite the harshness of my user name.

      But when digger told me that you posted your phone # on an open forum on the internet, I could come to no other conclusion than you’re an idiot.

      I’m willing to give most the benefit of the doubt, but I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, so when it rears it’s ugly head I just HAVE to call a spade a spade and say something. You ran afoul of me a while back, and I was willing to let that go, but when you did something THAT extremely stupid (posting #), I can only conclude you’re a waste of my time.

      Try not to take it too personally, I don’t always play nice.

      But I WILL speak the truth.

      1. btw, you’re not on ssri’s or any other mind-altering drugs, are you?

        ‘Cuz it sure sounds like it.

      2. look had a response finished and this laptop when my hand passed the area of send….did just that…frankly, #1 you are nothing to me but a mess, until you show me otherwise…and correct, was stupid of me, when I posted my phone here(in full knowing of such) and the reason was I was concerned that digger was in dire need….and could call…hell that’s recent…not I would think in much of your mind so you have shoved the ball down the way a bit…tell me of yourself…sense I have done that many times including where i live, my background, education and so forth on this site for all to see….and be criticized for doing….and just who are you? ? ?

        1. I gave you an honest assessment, and what do I get in return? Gibberish. Anyone can CLAIM anything they want to, you show one instance where I was dishonest or untruthful in ANY of my comments.

          Fortunately, your opinion of me is TOTALLY irrelevant.

          We’re done here. I WON’T be speaking to you again.

          ‘Bank’ on it.

          1. I did not say you were dishonest…thing is you refuse to say anything of yourself………..PERIOD/……………end of story

          2. yea who is this #1 NWO hatr…that can come on this web site and list…this that and the other thing,but refuses to identify himself…as a regular person……..I Wonder…and ….?
            can give instructions to other people who comment, on this site!…Well let him show himself….

          3. rbeason,
            It’s like this. No one is required to give out any information about themselves on this site. And when a person says they are done with the conversation, the conversation is over between those two individuals, because anything further starts looking like harassment.
            Now to the point of the conversation. I raised four sons and never once did I hit them. This is my view and anyone can take it any way they want. If you stand in esteem before your children they will respect you and the greatest pain you could ever cause them would be a disappointment in them. My sons are good men and have never been in trouble. As far as small children are concerned, if I can’t beat them in a game of wits I have no business being around them.
            I hope this settles this thread.

  7. rbeason, we found a point we can both agree on. Discipline should never be violent.

    But could I please say one more thing….have you happened to notice how extremely violent the young people in this country have become since they removed corporral punishment from the schools and threatened to
    jail parents if they disciplined their children?

    Case closed. Good night, it is past my bedtime. And oh, yes, I had a bedtime when I was growing up and you’d better believe that when that time came I did not talk back to my dear parents. They tucked me in and told me how much they loved me.


    1. same with me I was tucked in with how much i was loved…
      and the next day and the next…
      you know what there…years of that lasted…
      to a grown man who can and will teach others to love one another…
      I fail to realize the problem with that picture……..bless you

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