Tomorrow is Election Day, Let the Snake Handling Begin

The insurgency from the south has all but been removed from the news coming up on the election, though I am sure we are going to hear plenty about them once the ballot box stuffing begins.  How many illegals will vote in this election?  As many as can get their hands on a ballot.  And why shouldn’t they?  It is not like it is against the law or anything, right?  Hell, if they were going to arrest everyone participating in the fraud, that number would encompass everyone punching a ballot.

I believe the number of us that will abstain is enormous.  I also believe that illegals will be casting our ballots in our stead.  I mean they have to do something to stretch the number of idiots in this country.  One thing is for certain, the status quo will be maintained, that is as long as we continue to accept the outrage.

I predict they will be able to hold it together through November and December and into January, thanks to the harvest and the participation of 40 million illegals in the Christmas shopping season.  But by next spring, something very drastic will have to happen.

In January there will be $85 billion less per month being pumped into toxic derivatives and QE3 into eternity will be into the hundreds of billions.  By June, the reality of the fact that this whole jobs creation sham is just that will be becoming painfully obvious.

If Romney has been elected, the idiots who endorsed him will be saying, “What is he doing?  We never dreamed he would betray us like this.”  And Henry will be saying, “Come on people, you knew it was a snake when you picked it up.”

If Obama has been reelected, the idiots who endorsed him will be saying, “I can’t believe we fell for that again.”  And Henry will be saying, “Come on people, you knew it was a snake when you picked it up, again.”

Of course, we can realistically throw in a probable total collapse of the dollar, martial law, famine, and World War III in between now and then.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Election Day, Let the Snake Handling Begin

  1. Now more than ever it is time to stash food for your survival plan. Stash silver or gold for your asset protection plan because when the dollar collapses Shylock of Zion the occultist will demand you keep up your repayments or forfeit your assets to him. Realize that you are a spiritual being experiencing a human existence and you have the divine on your side in this time of the antichrist.

    Get your ark ready and give thanks.

      1. @Pat. Try hunting and fishing as the world does not owe you a living. The third option I listed above remains a possibility for non zionists and it costs absolutely nothing as does giving thanks.

        Otherwise 1984 Learn to love Big Brother.

      2. Pat, what I would do is to get a few copies of the Foxfire books. They are about being self suficient – everything from building a shelter to feeding yourself. It is a old fashioned way of life. If you cannot afford references, then go to your local library, they usualy have atleast a few good studies on things that would be useful for you. One of my favorites is the Foxfire series though. The best of luck with your studies there Pat.

  2. Aw man, ” And Henry will be saying, ” Come on people, you knew it was a snake when you picked it up, again”. Well LOL, I just got to say it Henry – a snake or one of those `legless lizards` – most likely a snake though, but a legless lizard looks like a snake but but is a lizard without legs. Yup, there is a lizard without legs, LOL.

    1. Don’t forget, digger, that the first snake mentioned in the Bible was Satan, in the garden of Eden.

      “Remember, remember, the 5th of November…….”
      A much more memorable date than the succeeding one will be…….

      The only thing I’m voting for tomorrow is swift retribution for those traitorous scum posing as politicians, aka the ‘government’ (so-called)

  3. I stopped being sorry for the mouth breathers a while ago as I’m sure you have as well. They will get the government they deserve and it will be upon our shoulders to free these fools from the tyranny that they themselves created.

    My main hope is that after the horrific amount of bloodshed that people are going to see they finally wake up and break the cycle of war and violence that seems to plague us as a society.

      1. That just means the work doesn’t stope after the dust settles here, as Henry has stated time and time again we will root them out and destroy them utterly. I hope I live long enough to see the day we march en masse on the captials of corruption around the world and drag all of the perps out kicking and screaming out of their money lined caves only to get fed lead- no judge, no jury, no trial… just a bullet for every one of the scum.

        1. I’m amenable to that.

          (I never liked the inside of a courtroom anyway. Brings back bad memories I’d just as soon forget).

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