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  1. I think people are getting too worried about this kid, probably because he’s all over the TV (if that’s true), but he’s just a little punk and no one in the real world gives a rat’s rectum about anything he has to say.

    The gun control movement is fading fast, and now only consists of the usual Jewish politicians, the Zionist media, the Zionist school system, and any arm they can twist. I actually listened to about 30 seconds of his speech and he’s not even a convincing, or charismatic speaker.

    I really think people are worried about him because he’s this week’s voice of gun control, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a pathetic, and embarrassing display of a dying movement.

    Think of how desperate they’ve become. They can’t even enlist an intelligent adult to make an argument for them, because all the facts and historic precedents are stacked up obviously in favor of the second article, so they have this whining faggot at the podium, and a captive audience of students who have no choice but to attend this nonsense.

    The gun control movement has become a laughing stock. When the last of it tries to confiscate guns they’ll be shot to pieces, and that will be the end of it.

    1. I don’t think it’s the boy. It shows what the children of this nation are being taught. Even in my rural area where hunting is a right of passage, many are getting scared when they see someone who has a weapon unless it is a “peace” officer.

      They are an example of the voice behind them. Jeffery Foster; the man who wrote the Advanced Political Government course for the whole county and all the students who are the face of the movement are from his classes. The man who took them in his own mini-van to speak to the legislature to get the most recent florida gun law passed.


      1. “…It shows what the children of this nation are being taught. Even in my rural area where hunting is a right of passage…..”

        it shows WHO’s teaching them; parents or TV….. on the other end of the spectrum, myself, my brother, and his two sons are all NYC born and raised, which in case you’re unaware, is the birthplace of gun control, and the Mt. Olympus of liberalism. We taught those kids the importance of the Second Article, taught them to shoot, and they love doing it when they’re here in the summer. It’s not the place, or even the school system… it’s the parents (and uncles) who decide what the kids are going to know. Some parents sit their kids in front of the TV and take no interest in what the kid’s learning.

        You can explain to a kid that the public school system is BS, and he’ll still go there, do well, understand it’s BS, and not be brainwashed by it. (not everyone who watches TV is brainwashed by TV either… if you understand what they’re doing, you can negate its effects).

        it’s all a matter of the parent raising (and teaching) his kid instead of passing that responsibility off to someone else.

  2. I …
    With the powers bestowed upon me.

    I Sentence David Hogg…

    To a prison cell with a black 350 pound weight lifting male serving a life sentence that has a 13″ cock.

    Then when he’s done with him.

    He can pimp him off to the Aryan brotherhood exchanging blow jobs for cigarettes and gummy bear snacks.

    Oh… I forgot….

    Stormy Daniels is on 60 minutes tonight.

    She’s going to detail how the pre commander and chef….

    Raped her with his little orange penis.

    Stormy… stated…

    I didn’t know I was being raped…

    I thought I was on script.

    But I figured it out….

    Because nobody was rolling film.

  3. On his shirt should read
    Useful idiot

    Actually should say
    Useless idiot

    Yes , this ploy has been used before
    Fool me once …..

  4. 50 years ago people like David Hogg waved the little Red Book of Chairman Mao in our faces and claimed it was better to be Red than Dead. These Bolsheviks claimed that the USSR was too powerful and we were better off to surrender our Freedoms than resist.

    During that period the NRA Capitulated, compromised and helped pass the 1968 GCA and the Illinois FOID.

    Today all we see is a continuation of the same leftist propaganda. Turn in your guns and surrender. Guns are too dangerous and the views idea’s and Opinions of the left is more important than our Freedoms.

    In My Opinion David Hogg is the greatest danger our nation has faced in a very long time. He is manipulating millions of brain dead zombies into believing his Un-American filth.

    I know this site is big on the Bill Of Rights.

    Question for all of you to think about. If David Hogg and his handlers get their way: How long do you think the Bill of Rights will last.

    After-all if they can take way the 2A; they can take away the rest.

  5. I say, don’t take your eye off the kid. His work is getting so sloppy he could actually help expose the deception.

    Ineptitude has its place.



  6. Those sex toys he’s been sticking up his ass are far more dangerous than the guns he’s flapping his gums about.

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