Top 10 Greatest Things Overheard at a Gun Shop

Glock is the easiest gun to cleanAmmoLand – by Bagger Dubs

Texas –-( Folks – as much as I’d like to say we made these up – these are actually things that have been heard at a Local Gun Shop – I almost wish they were made up!

10 – You can rack this one much faster -as the sales person racks the slide on a Taurus 709 violently demonstrating the racking capability to a 65 year old elderly lady  

9 – This clip is smaller so it won’t weigh as much – There is so much wrong with this statement – well actually 2 things – 1 while technically the “clip” will weigh less since it holds less, I wouldn’t say less bullets is a selling point for a self defense gun and 2 – its a f#*%^ing MAGAZINE!!!!!

8 – I want the FN Five-Seven – I used it on Counter Strike and it has armor piercing bullets – for one – which LGS carries the Five-Seven and more importantly what idiot uses video games to decide which gun to purchase?

7 – You don’t want that 1911 – its over 100 years old you need something more modern – now while this isn’t going to be a Glock vs 1911 argument (because we already did that one) I would not go so far to say the 1911 is stupid because its 100 years old – its tried and tested and perhaps one of the best designs ever made!

6 – Yea you can shoot these .40 S&W’s out of your .45 – as long as the number is smaller it will work – WTF seriously – Can’t make this up – where do gun stores find these idiots?!?!

5 – This new Remington AR-15 is the best deer hunting rifle out there – Now I’m not here to argue the fact that a) Remington makes a nice rifle (Model 700) or b) the .223 CAN in the right hands be a very good deer hunting round – HOWEVER – claiming an AR-15 is the best round for deer hunting and THEN claiming the Remington is the BEST option out there – thats just foolish!

4 – You want this here Sig – its the same gun that the SEALs use – Right – because I plan on jumping out of a helicopter and swimming across an ocean to rescue some hostages aboard a boat full of pirates.  Why not talk about some of the other great features of the gun – oh wait – maybe the “SEALs” line is the only positive feature.

3 – I once killed a deer at XXXX yards with this model – its the best one out there – I’m sure everyone has heard some variation of this story.  It’s the same guy that goes to Bass Pro and talks about his 45lb bass that he caught off this new lure.  2 words – BULL – SHIT.

2 – These Hornady Zombie rounds are your best options when the apocalypse comes – oh yea Sherlock – what kind of research are you basing that off of?

And the Number 1 Stupidest Thing Overheard at a Local Gun Store:

This Glock is the easiest gun to clean – you can just put it in the dishwasher! Well technically that is true – I wouldn’t consider that the selling point so to speak!


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