Train carrying plane parts derails, dumps Boeing bodies into Montana river

New York Daily News – by Meg Wagner

These planes crashed before they even left the ground.

A train carrying plane parts to Boeing’s Washington state factory derailed in Montana Thursday sending jet bodies flying into a nearby river.

Nineteen cars were pushed off the tracks in Alberton on Thursday afternoon, Montana’s KRTV reported.  

No one was injured.

Of the wrecked cars, only seven contained plane parts — all components for Boeing’s 737, 777, and 747 jets.

The other cars were stocked with soybeans and denatured alcohol. Some were empty, too.

Only three of the cars slid into the Clark Fork River next to the tracks. All of the water-bound cars were transporting the Boeing bodies, so no alcohol or soy leaked into the water, officials said.

The train was heading from Missouri to Renton, Wash., where the aircraft parts would have been assembled.

Clean-up stretched into the weekend, and train officials hoped to reopen the line by Saturday night, Montana Rail Link spokeswoman Linda Frost told the TV station.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the derailment.

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4 thoughts on “Train carrying plane parts derails, dumps Boeing bodies into Montana river

  1. This is what happens when you kiss the arse of the railroad with zero regulations. They regulated the hell out if trucking, but they give full monte to these assholes.

  2. hey job creation. someones got to crane these out and others will need to rebuild them. Boeing pays for it. win win.

  3. So now they are derailing trains with plane parts instead of oil. Isn’t that kind of a step down for the elites? Eh…chances are this was really just a legitimate accident. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Insurance job written all over it
    these companies are hurting all of these big corp’s are starving this is how they play when the well is running dry

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