Trencher Alert

No internet again today, and it is just us.  I believe the local masons have once again unplugged our line at the local facility, about a thousand feet from where I am sitting.  We are getting no signal, yet the Dollar General, a mile away is getting service.

This is blatant.  Our only recourse is satellite internet, which cannot be accomplished until Friday afternoon.  

I guess they don’t like to hear me come up on the air every day and reminding all those that listen that they do not have freedom and liberty, that they are subjects, and thus the human property of the United States federal corporation, which is the definition of treason committed against the American nationals.

They have dismissed our Bill of Rights and think they can rule us through their secret societies and dirty churches.  This will be the case until we stand up with our ten thousand to one and shut this shit down.

There will probably be no broadcasts for the rest of the week, but it is like this, they have tried to starve us out, they have tried to use their fraudulent admiralty jurisdiction to remove us, and now they are acting openly.  They know their lie has served their treasonous asses and allowed them to achieve in wealth and possession to the degree they can suck up to the treason.

The mandamus is correct.  The truth has been unleashed and we all know who has to enforce that ratified law known as the Bill of Rights.  They cannot stop the truth, only in their desperation can they even try to delay it, but which each day the treachery continues.  The masses of the people waking up are growing more enraged.  The enemies are going to be made to answer for every act of treason and every act against our sovereign nationality.  It is time they find out the hard way the consequences of attempting to subjugate the largest armed population on the planet.  But I tell you this, until they start feeling the pain they will continue to sleaze about with impunity.

Of course our service is paid up, so I guess that is just some money they are going to steal from us, like the thieves they are.  Like I said, they couldn’t starve us out and even when they removed us from Facebook and dropped our sleaze ad revenue to $150 a month, we came back with the monthly auctions, and though we are barely just getting by, by God, the Trenches is still here.

It will be a further hardship, but the satellite service will be secured, and I’ve got a whole lot more to say, once that broadcast fires back up next Monday.  We are going to get into some new shit and connect the local right up to the top.

Like I said, the truth is loosed and what a fine day it will be when these f-king traitors stand to face the common law American nationals they have been inflicting tyranny on for 150 years.  They are going to find out what that f-king word justice means, in a hard way.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia and its foot soldiers making up the Masonic dirty church cabal, whose forte is being sleazy and sneaky and knowing how to keep their mouth shut.  Maybe it is time we started becoming sleazy and sneaky and learning how to keep our mouth shut.  This is a war, by the way, and just like the first one in 1775, it is the people throwing off a monarch because they would not be subjects because they would not be human property.  We shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Just knowing you’re standing there Henry is a source of great strength to me. May all of us increase in strength and commitment to freedom through The Bill of Rights and may you be back online soon. My solid support to you and Laura.


    1. My understanding is they will come here, install the dish, install the line and the modem, and we are to be billed. The service is new to our area so the installation fee is supposed to be free. All things being equal, the cost per month will be about the same.
      CenturyLink told us our internet would be back on at three again today…it is not, so we are going forth. Hopefully this solves the problem.

  2. ‘The mandamus is correct’…………people, bid on the flash drive!

    when someone tries to shut us up…keep talking!!

  3. Satellite,eh? Henry I just hope you can go for the “unlimited” plan due to satellite internet METERING, aka “Fair access policy”. We had satellite for years before we just had to give it up because of metering. Now we have to put up with lightning storms…It is metered because the satellite is 22,000 miles from Earth, and because of the “gateway” somewhere, likely Seattle or San Fran or maybe Portland. Then you have what is called “latency” meaning it takes a few seconds for the signal to catch up to the port or whatever. It is to bad you are (in my opinion anyway) forced to use satellite. Finally, you may have to cut some tree limbs for your satellite dish to have a “clear view of the southern sky”… Hopefully HughesNet… Excede (formerly WildBlue) sucks, IMHO.

  4. Hey Henry-

    I tried to get voice working with a friend who had satellite recently. The short of it is that she needed to pay for software from them ($35/month extra) to manage the lag. Explain to them that you stream and use phone and let them know that you want out of the contract if they can’t deliver the service you need.

  5. I use Firefox and get a warning that your certificate is not valid. I have to exempt you in order to get to the site….

    1. The problem was occurring because some of the side links did not have a valid ssl certificate.
      We do believe we have the situation corrected.
      Let us know if there are any further problems.

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