Trencher Alert

I wondered why all of the sudden like the “This site is not secure” started popping up, but it makes sense now.

Nothing had changed on the Trenches.  We never had one of their SSL certificates, but again, all of the sudden like, there is this problem.  And even getting the SSL certificate can’t seem to solve it, in fact it has gotten worse.  

This is to drive people away from From the Trenches and to effectively shut down our PayPal account, as we have not gotten one donation through PayPal since this little scenario popped up.

I guess people are easily scared, but consider this:  We keep no one’s personal information on From the Trenches.  You don’t have to use your real name or a real email address.

And further consider this:  How many secure sites, well like the IRS, and how many banks with secure sites with the best of security, have had millions of accounts and personal information stolen?

I’m going to tell you guys a little secret.  There is not one f-king place on the internet that is “secure”, and this little attack has caused us harm at a time when we are fending off two other attacks.

Mammon is a formidable enemy.  It is indeed truly amazing how something inanimate can instill such fear in a living being.

Thank you to everybody who stepped up to help.

The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we will prevail in this war of the truth verses mammon.

16 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. I have used PayPal for years to donate, never had a problem. All of you out there, be assured it is safe to use PayPal to donate to our site. As a matter of fact, I’ll use it today, knowing it’s safe.

  2. Okay….

    I’m going to make sense here…

    Because I’m going to look at the brightside. .

    It could really be worse..

    You could be a targeted individual. ..

    Persecuted. …


    Harassed. …


    Threatened. ..

    And… .. drum roll please…..

    You could be Black.

    1. F-k you. If I have only learned one thing through this whole pathetic experience, is that all of those nigger nip honky crackers look alike. 🙂

  3. BTW, if henry knew this site was unsafe, he would cut the site tomorrow, that’s just how he is built. Like Henry says, nothing is safe, not even the twin towers.

    Dont fall for this bullshit scary ass crap, this is fkg war, fight back, kick ass.

  4. ‘…..I guess people are easily scared,’ not true trenchers Henry….only pussies cave in to fear……people can always wrap foil around some cash and mail it in ….that is the way I donate and never had a problem……hmmm maybe some cheapskates use the ‘unsecure’ as an excuse not to support the site…

  5. I haven’t used pay pal directly, just my debit card. Henry always thanks me with a personal email so I know he got it.

  6. Yea I’ve been getting that message for awhile now. A simple retype of the site clears it up. It’s more of a nuisance than anything.


  8. paypal a legit site? nigga please!! Just ask jim stone how its working for him, they will try everything to defund a site. I personally had money disappear out of my bank account that HAD TO be linked to their scam. same tribe runs it all!

    1. No, Mr. Informed, I know f-king why. You don’t have to tell me anything. It is to drive people off of this site, but thanks for your attention to this matter anyway.

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