Trencher Alert

The video “Ukraine Body Bag Propaganda Fails As The Actors Just Won’t Stay” has been taken down because it is a f-king phony.

Anything this fantastic that comes from Bitchute, or anywhere else for that matte,r needs to be fact checked.  We can’t fact check every video that is coming in, we simply do not have the time.

The person who concocted this video did so to try to blur the truth coming out.  I would suggest Bitchute never put up another video from this bitch or this son of a bitch, period, if they give a shit about the truth.

14 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

    1. ps: I have to take responsibility for sending in that video. I guess with all the other crisis-actor vids we’ve seen, it wasn’t that difficult to believe this was real. I wish I had fact-checked as I usually do. So my apologies to everyone, especially Henry. Will be more careful.


      1. It happens to the best of us. I seen it as well and was gonna send it in yet I read the comments below it and new it was bs. There is so much crap out sometimes it can be difficult.

      2. Had to go ba!!$ deep into the comment section of it to find a link, Galen. Not your fault and Henry, you’ve definitely got a lot on yer hot plate, brother. It’s gotta keep you beyond busy to be the tip of the spear but you still make time to search and speak the truth. God bless everyone and anyone who fights for what is Rightfully OURS!

      3. It was posted as known Propaganda because it is Propaganda.
        This is the game they play.
        Didn’t matter if it was from MSM or whomever.
        You sent in the truth, sis.
        Martist did the same posting the original climate change protest.
        Shit like this is all over the internet.
        The type folk playing this crap are the type of fkheads we need to get gone.
        It needs brought into the light.
        We learn, and we teach the best we can.
        You all got my appreciation.

        1. Thanks, you guys. I think it gave Henry some undue stress that he just doesn’t need. When Martist exposed the vid being false I shot an email to Henry about it, but I didn’t get it there in time. Well, like Hal said, “We learn, and we teach the best we can.” Sure do love you guys, and here’s a song for us:


          1. You rock Galen!
            Great song, brings me back to HS. Pink Floyd is probably my all time fave.
            I was just reading the lyrics to “Run like Hell”, perfect song for what’s about to go down.

  1. Thanks for this post, Henry… I was wondering if it was really about Ukraine or even real. Everyone falls for this kind of thing but glad you researched it and glad I didn’t post the link on my blog (even if I did comment on it on that post you took down).

  2. I consider everyone on Bitchute controlled op. I always use the 80/20 rule. 80% truth mixed in with 20% disinformation or distraction. Our enemies DO give us GOOD information. You just have to sift through the shit to see it. The key is to know what is shit and what isn’t. Also to be in the mindset….OUR ENEMIES control BOTH SIDES of every war and LEAD both sides of EVERY DEBATE. Good cop bad cop tactics. 😉

    1. Wow 80/20 rule ? You are way to trusting. Depending on the source I very rarely see 10/90 with 10% being probability of being true. Especially main stream media, not that I watch or read that cr@p anyway.


  3. What I got from this is
    Trust nothing
    Verify everything
    And if I just happen to be at that location
    Knowing what I know now , I’d be kicking each bag to prove ,only to me ..what I’m witnessing

    This is just the beginning

  4. That film was originally from Germany they just used it as a propaganda piece. Just shows you how much B. S this is.

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