Trencher Alert

I’m taking a day or two off from The Word From the Trenches broadcast.

My youngest son is down and we are going to go shoot guns, seeing how there was no Christmas except for the elite that we keep allowing to run us over because of our pure cowardice, as we outnumber the sons of bitches thousands to one.  We are armed and we just sit here on our asses and do nothing. 

Be back in a couple of days when I can stand to look at this pathetic country and not feel nauseous inside.

If you would have driven through this town four years ago there wouldn’t have been a house without Christmas lights on it and everybody was at peace and in a good mood.  There might have been one or two houses last night with one string of lights around the front windows.  And you know why?  Because we allow it.

So today I’ll sit and think, considering the pedophile rings and the phosphorous burning through the bodies of children in other countries that this lie of a country participates in for profit.  All you involved with the industrial war complex make me sick and more determined every day to see you punished for your heinous crimes committed for thirty pieces of silver, child killers.  Hey if the mammon’s right, who cares if innocent children have to die by the score for you to pack your pockets.  You are disgusting.  I need some time to try to keep you out of my mind, and all of us need to enforce the Bill of Rights and hang your second hand murdering asses.

I’ll be back.

8 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. “When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can’t run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn’t fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag. As for the types of comments I make… sometimes I just, by God, get carried away with my own eloquence.”
    –General George S. Patton



    1. hello there young lady,as a man of color in this “satanic ses pool”,id just like to thank you a henry personally for teaching those of us who wants to learn what the indoctrination centers wont teach our children,so thank you guys very much,you know,i believe back in 2019 you posted a report that showed the clear seperation of truth between that constitution for the corporation & bill of rights,so thanx for that “RedPill”,all these broadcasts need to be saved & instituted as a mandatory class after this nation starts to recover from the ashes that its gonna be brought down to,& rule #1 on the new bill of rights,is to ENFORCE IT the very 1st time some queen or king tries to violate it,not enforcing it is exactly why we are here.But its so f-ked upped now,that enforcing it is not an option,the fact of the matter is that its time to do some patriot shit,the genocide & child pedophelia rings alone warrants it,i can give a damn about politics or their political games,especially since its obvious the people vote dont count to remove tyrants,since we have no place for the people to have their grievances even heard,& no i never voted in my life because even as a youngster,i knew the shit was rigged decades ago,and knowing that your not gonna beat or fix “their system” using “their system”,is a fools errand.God made sheep so they can be sheered,were not gonna be able to wake up anybody else is my opinion,3 years since the start of the genocide ,enough probable cause for arrests to be made,so if theyre not awake by now,they never will be.The cowardness needs to be addressed hardcore like,its time to declare what needs to be declared openly,before the rest of their victims drop dead from the bioweapon.I have ideas,alot of us have ideas,they just need to be emplimented.Courage is contagious & i dont wanna leave this earth knowing what these monsters want to do to our grandchildren,in fact,id like to have my hands firmly around the neck of a demon when i go,just so we both can sit on a firey brimstone with a dumbass look on our faces looking at each other.Heres what the sitrep is,theyre doing siege warfare against us,food shortages aka famine is on the way,all these corporations,every one of them has ethier givin or sold all personal information disguised as hacks,this regime in dc is depleting everthing we have from the UN also disguised as our military along with all of our resources,& if we continue to stand down,theres not gonna be anything left to fight for except for something to feed our grandkids,theyre gonna call us terrorists no matter what,its us they plan on waging war against for the next 20 years,i think continuing to stand down any longer waiting on some saviour that isnt coming is a fatal mistake,i really think all need to come together & handle business,we can segregate/seperate afterwards,i see how they have labatomized at least half the zombified minorities against my fellow caucasion friends,neighbors,& everybody has a right to exist,it disguses me honestly,but if we dont come together,even if its temporary,were not gonna even have a place to tell funny jokes about each other,but i think theyre gonna invade us,not just the mexicans,everyone,& theyre going to do it when were at a weak moment.This is why they need the electricity to stay on,its the foundation of all their weaponary against us they need & rely upon.Well i missed henry givin us the how to & what for the past couple days,i hope you guys had a good xmas,but i know in my heart & soul that it was our last peaceful one.Im ready to serve my peoples children & grandchildren,f-k these demons,i dont have much time left,i believe cancer is gonna get me before i see anybody doing a damn thing about the situation that we all allowed to be in…Sorry for the novel but theres a dark cloud that isnt moving & its bothering the shit outta me.

      1. I agree with a lot of your hypotheses, exceptions being that we are not going to get anybody else. I see every day more and more individuals coming to the Trenches and declaring their defiance.
        The other matter is, you say New Bill of Rights and that absolutely is not going to occur. The Bill of Rights is unchangeable and there is no logical reason to even want to change it. I wouldn’t even want to be the one suggesting we change it because that in itself would be an act of treason.
        All we need to do is act as individuals until the open warfare is happening, then we just simply destroy the corporate fraud and the monarchies, by enforcing the law that has been in place since December 15, 1791.
        The Bill of Rights has not failed us, we have failed to enforce it. But every day more and more and more American nationals are feeling the tyranny personally, and it is as individuals that we have the jurisdictional authority to attack and kill those who declare war on us and claim they will rule us.
        When this thing busts loose, it will most likely be for a reason that none of us saw coming. And like you said, we already have our cause for action.
        Talk about wanting to segregate our people, well we have the right to live where and around whom we choose. Any attempt at a forced segregation would kick in the Bill of Rights and anybody trying to force anybody else to do anything they don’t want to do, I assure you would lead to many hangings. Only segregation we need is for every low life third world son of a bitch and corporate mafia international gangster to be aggressively removed from the equation.
        Once we are free and at liberty again we will be happy again.
        And again, as far as the Bill of Rights, the first one to hang after the law has been enforced, our rights returned, and our liberty reignited will be the person stupid enough to start trying to divide us again. We don’t have to be chummy, but we do have to enforce our own rights as individuals which is to say we are enforcing everybody’s rights. No exceptions.

        1. WOW! That was a great read! The Word from the Trenches is catching fire! One brilliant spark after another igniting one 3 year listener to another! May 31, 2019, lit a fire under my butt and now, I am on fire as well! United as individuals in the spirit and purpose of the best tyranny-busting freedom law ever written by the people, for the people.

      2. Hello 3 year listener. I do fully agree with Henry’s points. Would just add, and only as a personal reflection, The Bill of Rights is so pure that sometimes it actually makes me weep. So many years looking over it with a fine-tooth comb. Asking myself, was anything left out? Was something missed? Is any of it contradictory to personal freedom? And every time it comes up clean, and there for ALL to benefit from. Something I would call a Masterpiece. 

        Regarding what you say here: “But it’s so f-ked upped now, that enforcing it is not an option…” I actually see it as the ONLY option to take all the “f-ked upped” mess and turn it into a workable life where we are free to thrive, invent, prosper, enjoy, evolve.

        And as for a place to bring our grievances… I say bring them here and/or to those you trust; you might even get some helpful feedback. Until our Common Law Courts are again up and running, it helps to share with some who face similar challenges to tyranny. This might be the most trying time in history, with all the globe becoming aware of the evil at the gate. It is both terrible and wonderful at the same time. The wonderful part is the opportunity to be who we are, and so many of us are finding out we are fierce and ready to fight for our freedom. 

        You mentioned seeing yourself in hell. I believe heaven and hell are here in the present, but I just don’t see you destined for hell, at least not any eternal variety. You have expressed too much wisdom and integrity. Those qualities are not welcome in hell. Anyway, seems we’re all works in progress.


  2. word.
    a day off is highly underrated.
    just a chance to spend money I haven’t realized yet.

    hope it was fun.

    my day was ruined by a close friend who decided to go bat sh!t. on the world.

    monkeys. circuses. that whole thing.

    now it’s weird.

    1. Well I assure you I didn’t spend a f-king dollar and there wasn’t so much as a pine needle in my house. But when my son comes home and wants to take me to shoot a gun, well we weren’t singing f-king Jingle Bells.
      Like I said, there were a couple of strings around the windows in this whole city they’ve built around me. I don’t think anybody here had a very good time.
      And no, it wasn’t fun as everybody is pissed off and Christmas really had nothing to do with it.
      My whole goddamn life’s been ruined, living in the country all my life, then having the communists come in and build a f-king city around me.
      Always wondered how they were going to get people like me onto a city reservation, well they didn’t take me to any reservation, they just built the f-king city around me and made gas $4 a f-king gallon.
      Hope today is better for you, brother.

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