Trencher Alert Update

Laura has been in the hospital since yesterday afternoon, with oxygen levels dangerously low.  It is a COPD attack and she has just now gotten out of critical condition.  It will be a couple more days at least until she can go home.

She may put up an article or two if she feels up to it.

We appreciate your patience.


18 thoughts on “Trencher Alert Update

  1. Thanks for filling us in, Henry. The only impatience is for wanting Laura to feel all better soon. Please let her know she is loved, valued, and appreciated, big time. By the way, you are, too.


    1. Great post Galen, couldn’t said ant better. Get better soon Laura. Our thoughts are with you Laura and Henry, and you family.

  2. Laura, prayers and Get Well Wishes to you. Thanks for all the work you do on from the trenches, it is a great site. Most important thing to do now, is just take care of yourself.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, Laura. Rest up and let a good man look after you. Henry, I also wish you a little breathing room. You both deserve it, brother!

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery, with skilled doctors and staff!
    Taking the time to heal is best. You and Henry are both loved and appreciated!

  5. I am sending Laura, my prayers and Get Well Wishes, miss the great articles, but mostly we all want you better very soon, Tammy

  6. Just waiting for good news that Laura is doing better. May it come soon.

    Laura and Henry, love and strength to you both.


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