Trencher Alert

While in Rogue Valley Regency Hospital for my surgery, I was privileged to get to meet one of my brother Trenchers, CaptainObvious, as his father was in the same hospital.

CaptainObvious’ father passed on last night.  We offer our heartfelt condolences to our brother.

We only spoke briefly at the hospital, but during that short conversation, I was made aware of the love of the son for his father.  When your parents pass on your world changes.

Again, our best thoughts are with you, brother.  May your heart heal the loss you have suffered.

God bless the Bill of Rights, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

17 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. May the God of all comfort strengthen and comfort you and yours.

    “The last enemy to be swallowed up in victory is death.”

  2. Very sorry for your loss, Captain O. May The Creator comfort you and yours
    at this very challenging time.

  3. Very sorry for your loss, CaptainObvious. Please be strong and take comfort in those living around you. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family from the rest of the family here.

  4. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.
    I watched video copies of old 8mm film showing my Dad teaching me how to shoot a .22 rifle in the New Mexico desert when I was 6 years old.
    I remember pestering him to let me shoot the open hammered Winchester Model 1897 12 gauge shotgun (a really soft shooter…LOL) that was originally my Grandfather’s. Unfortunately, he only had Magnum shells but finally gave in. All the physical support, instruction and positioning couldn’t prevent the physics of mass, momentum and velocity from “winning” the battle. I think he caught the gun before it got too scratched up.
    I still remember it to this day and eventually became a competitive skeet shooter and general shooting enthusiast many years later. Probably not a coincidence.
    Dad also gave me my life long love of airplanes and flying.
    They are metaphorical time machines.
    My Dad was a good man.
    He will be missed.

    1. My heart is breaking for you, CaptainObvious.
      Blessing to you and your family.
      How I miss my father…
      PLEASE write down your memories/lessons. I was always told that I should do so, but I didn’t…heard them so many times, I thought I’d Never forget… They are precious Details, that are hard to describe… now, I have a hard time/can’t remember….However, I DO remember how to Shoot (among other things) 😉 🙂 Like you, I learned at young age. First, on a 22 ( pistol and rifle). My first shotgun was a 28 (talk about “soft” LOL) Still Have it. 😀 When I was 12, he let me shoot the 12 gauge… I didn’t fall down, but my shoulder didn’t like it…A LOT! … LOL
      I lost my Dad in 1992 (born 1907)… He is Still with me… still Talking to me…
      Know that your Dad is still with You.
      Stay Strong

  5. Condolences to you and your family. I lost my dad when I was 19. Dad was 46——that was 43 years ago. Still miss him.

  6. Very sorry for your loss, Captain Obvious. It’s a shame you had to meet Henry under such sad circumstances.

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