5 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy completely shuts down liberal gun grabber

  1. Trey Howdy nailed FBI director Comey down on six questions pertaining to Killery, let’s see if he goes forward with perjury indictments.

  2. Trey Gowdy is controlled opposition. He’s a piece of shit. He shouts from the rafters everything every one wants to hear. That little puss boy has never been, nor will he ever be in the cigar smoke filled rooms where shit comes down.

    Don’t think, for a minute, Hillary’s losing any sleep over Trey Gowdy “ruffling his feathers”.

    1. Millard, I was looking for a glimmer of hope. Now I am staring into the abyss with old repetitive Donny Osmond songs playing in the background.

  3. YES, but he did EAT HER LUNCH before Con-gress and I don’t need to be so rude or crude as to use the phrase ‘Bitch Slapped’ before the American public !!!

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