Troll Attackers Identified!


For sometime, there’s been attacks, or at least attempted attacks, upon the Trenches and other Pro Republic sites.

We now can see the enemy. Pretty much as we suspected.

17 thoughts on “Troll Attackers Identified!

  1. Someone needs to sew his mouth shut.

    He’s not a troll — he’s that pretty young girl you were talking to who sent you all those hot pictures of herself in a bikini.

    1. She said she was 115 pounds, my heart is broke,the soul is crushed for now I know there are places she can’t reach with a washcloth!

  2. Dang! What’s that chair made of? Steel reinforced titanium?
    Rescue workers gonna have to knock down a wall to get that fella outa there. Bring in the crane!
    I’m gonna need some serious amounts of alcohol to scrub that image out of my brain. Oh well, I wasn’t doing anything important today

  3. I had heard rumors that Jabba the Hut had a son with a drunk prostitute, now I see that the rumor is indeed fact.

  4. This just in:

    The Stay Puft Marshmallow man has just been arrested for compromising NYC’s security system. It was an act of revenge for what the Ghostbusters did to him in 1984 and has been years in planning, as documented in his Stay Puft Manifesto. 😉

  5. My Fellow Americans:

    Ahhhhhh,… how cute!,.. Mike Rivera’s baby picture!!!

    JD – US Marines – You know,… I don’t think that even Spike Timmon’s, “The Timmons Babe Magnet Method”, will help this guy attract a mate,.. well,.. a human one at least.


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