9 thoughts on “Troops Obeying Orders

    1. Hi Luddite,

      I believe I have seen that picture before, but I don’t recall what the caption may have stated.

      What I can say is,… it is does not appear to be a fake,… or a photoshop job,.. there are a couple of tell-tales that either one of those would have missed and I would have seen.

      In blowing up the picture, some of the details to come out such as:

      1) The people, both the shooters,.. and the ditch meat, appear to be both definitely European, and caucasian in feature, build and and even stance.

      2) The uniforms are camo! Its looks similiar to spec -ops uniforms that I have seen of germans and Italians during WW2.

      3) They are clearly using bolt action rifles, which was also a mainstay for the infantry and some special op units of the germany and Italian army.

      4) The covers (hats) the shooters are wearing are difficult to make out,.. but they look more like what the Italians wore during WW2. I don’t know if the Germans wore covers like that or not.

      Thats about the most I can make out on such a quick review of the picture. – JD

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