4 thoughts on “Truck Stop Out of Fuel 11/16/21

  1. There has been “no fuel” (gas, not diesel) also in my neck of the woods (150 miles east-southeast of El Paso) as well…except for Premium, at times.

  2. for some reason I haven’t been able to comment for a few months.. this reminds me of Mark.. what happened to or with Mark Schumacher?

    1. I refused to put up a gold and silver infomercial that he sent in. Then he made the mistake of getting smart ass with me.
      He is not in spam, he is not even in pending, and of course I invited him to come to my house and get smart with me to my f-king face. Ain’t heard from him since.
      I’m not sure why your comments have not been coming through, but as you have been here a long time and you evidently had to change your email to get back on, I’ll go ahead and take you out of pending.
      If you have trouble commenting, sending me an email letting me know is the quickest way to cure it.

      1. thank you Henry. I’m sorry to hear that about Mark. and 1 comment about yesterday’s broadcast.. you nailed it when you said.. ANY EXCUSE to avoid fighting. thanks for replying.

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