Trudeau slips up, says he is ‘banning’ firearms in Canada

Post Millennial – by Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a slip of the tongue during a press conference in Toronto while discussing firearms in Canada. 
The prime minister said that he is working on “freezing” the market for firearms in Canada, without making the distinction between handguns and shotguns and rifles. He also said, perhaps on accident, that his government would be “banning” all firearms.

“Whether it’s our most recent initiatives on banning—sorry, on freezing the market for firearms, which will start moving us in the right direction over the medium and long term.”
The prime minister recently announced that his government would be putting forward legislation that would freeze the buying, selling, and importing of hand guns in Canada. Trudeau made that announcement just days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, seemingly politically capitalizing on another country’s tragedy.
“Yes, we see a debate around gun control, but there’s not a debate around whether our communities need to be safer, whether we need to keep kids safe from violence, whether we need to see fewer gun shot victims in our ERs. There is no debate around that. There are lots of important conversations around how to best do that but as we know, there’s no one magic way of doing it,” Trudeau said on Tuesday.

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