Trump Is Man Of The People Or Man Of The Police?

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: We are starting to see more people question the multitude of Executive Orders that are being signed. We have all seen the videos of police brutality and some want to offer them more protections? They are already protected so we need to ask ourselves exactly what is happening here. I have not seen any Executive Orders signed that actually help the people. I have seen a lot of smoke and mirrors and now orders that look like they further the enslavement of the people.

America, it is very easy for you to see who wants to help you. Repealing many illegal laws would be a start, Congress issuing money would be a start and removing illegal gun law would be another good place as well. Stopping the wars in the Middle East and we could go on and on, but we are seeing the exact opposite take place. You have eyes to see, start using them.

Donald Trump signs executive order giving police more powers … The President has signed three orders to tackle ‘public safety’ moments after he swore in Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. -UK Independent

Did Donald Trump run specifically on a law and order platform? We know he wanted more checks and balances but that is a lot different that insisting on good deal more police from the very beginning of his time in office.

One can be pro law and order without wanting overwhelming additional amounts of police. Plenty of videos and articles clearly show police assaults on civilians. Additionally, many of these civilian assaults are not successfully redressed.

Police generally tend to protect themselves and civilians can be a distant second when it comes to general security, especially if the officer is asking for more compliance than the individual is able to give.

Source: Trump Is Man of the People or Man of the Police? | The Daily Bell

World Events and the Bible

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