Trump Quietly Continues Obama’s ‘Catch And Release’ At Border

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WEB Notes: You never heard or read of policy saying anything different, so why would we assume anything has changed? Of course it has continued. Trump has flaked on all of his promises. He does not serve you or your interests. If he did the children of Satan would not have allowed him to be in the race or hang around for very long. Just ask Kennedy.

President Donald J. Trump is allowing former President Barack Obama’s “catch and release” of illegal immigrants to continue deep into his administration’s term with no end in sight to the controversial open borders protocol. Border Patrol agents are once again sounding the alarm and alerting the public about the separation between DC’s rhetoric and the realities on the U.S.-Mexico border — a practice that the agents hoped would become unnecessary under the Trump Administration.

Though Trump’s interior enforcement of U.S. immigration laws has resulted in far fewer illegal crossings at the border, agents say that low numbers will not be sustained because the Trump Administration has not actually made substantial changes within border security as a whole.

Source: Trump Quietly Continues Obama’s ‘Catch and Release’ at Border

World Events and the Bible

4 thoughts on “Trump Quietly Continues Obama’s ‘Catch And Release’ At Border

  1. Impeach this war powers act CEO immediately for LYING. Lying is an impeachable act, right? Well, it should be.

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