4 thoughts on “Trump: “She Should Not Be Allowed To Run”

  1. Look at the evilness in her eyes and that witchy smile at the end. She’s the most vile, evil witch on the face of this Earth and she loves it. She deserves to have her hands cut off and her head severed like they do in Mexico with the words, “I’m a thief and a murderer”.

  2. The bitch is not human. They are all full of treasonous sh*t. I’m going to go vote now just because Barry told me too!………NOT!

  3. Understatement.

    Considering the plethora of major crimes (MURDER being prominent) this evil commie jewb#tch has committed (for DECADES), she shouldn’t even be breathing at this point.

  4. If she happens to collapse between now and Nov. 8th, at least the American tax-payer will save a few bucks because she’s already wearing a ‘bodybag’.

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