Trump shows true color: RED

13 thoughts on “Trump shows true color: RED

  1. “not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns.”

    I would have expected him to get the creation of the lists out of the starchamber, to give them a non-soviet style dictatorship flavor and a more innocent until proven guilty American flavor.

    The fault is in the missing legal part, creating the assumption that they then won’t do what is forbidden to them… Ask a regular criminal who bought the guns on the thriving black market how that works.

    “not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to legally buy guns.”

  2. The triple-secret ‘no-fly list?’ No one knows if they are on it in advance, no one knows how they got on it and no one knows how to be removed from it. Seems to violate both the4th and 5th amendments about probable cause and punishment without due process? And now the cry is to also deny 2d amendment rights using this same list? Gov better get very specific about the process to be removed from the list when one is on it in error ro has a name similar to someone on it. How do you prove you aren’t a threat when you don’t know why they thought you are enough of a threat to be on the list? How do you prove you aren’t the John Q. Smith whose name is on the list?

    1. The list declares a perceived threat by government and continues in removing a right without due process of the law. The very idea of government lists, secret or otherwise, authorizing a removal of a right without the absolute due process REQURED by our Bill of Rights, is treason.
      Every one of you on this site is a threat to this foreign insurgency.
      None of this is okay in any way. Be clear on that.

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