Trump’s Venezuela Military Option Gains Backers As Millions Flee

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WEB Notes: We covered this topic when it first surfaced just over a year ago. Read our important WEB Notes from that article. Now it comes to light once again. Why? Globalism…

Venezuela is falling a part, which is nothing new and now it is our duty to restore order? That is one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard.

Look what the US did in the Middle East.

They helped create the migration of millions of people through their support of terrorism and general warefare. We have no business there and we have no business in Venezuela.

But globalism must march on.

Read this article and understand what I am laying out for you, then read the notes from the linked article above from last year. Then go read chapter 2 from “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. It is titled, “The Ram and the He Goat“.

Then it should start to come together for you.

By the way. Remember the documentary I ask you to watch once in awhile, “America: Freedom to Facism“?

Venezula is one of the nations mentioned in that for takeover.

When President Donald Trump said a year ago that the U.S. was considering a “military option” for Venezuela, hardly anyone in Washington thought it was a good idea.

Today, as Venezuela slides toward dictatorship and collapse, triggering a millions-strong migration crisis, support for such a move is being discussed openly. The notion of using force to topple the government of President Nicolas Maduro is gaining adherents — although it remains a distinctly minority view.

Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida, said last month that for years he sought a peaceful solution to Venezuela, but now there’s a “very strong argument” that it’s a security threat to the region and the U.S. that calls for the use of the American military.

Source: Trump’s Venezuela Military Option Gains Backers as Millions Flee

World Events and the Bible

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