TSA union calls for armed guards at every checkpoint

A part of LAX remains closed as departing passengers walk by on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013.USA Today – by Brian Tumult

WASHINGTON — The union representing airport screeners for the Transportation Security Administration says Friday’s fatal shooting of an agent at Los Angeles International Airport highlights the need for armed security officers at every airport checkpoint.

“Every local airport has its own security arrangement with local police to some type of contract security force,” said J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents the screeners. “There is no standardization throughout the country. Every airport operates differently. Obviously at L.A. there were a fair number of local police officers there.”  

TSA behavior-detection officer Gerardo Hernandez, 39, was killed in Friday’s shooting, and two other agents were wounded.

Law enforcement officers at LAX shot and wounded the alleged shooter, 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, in Terminal 3, preventing what could have been a much larger tragedy.

TSA officials said Saturday that they don’t anticipate a change in the agency security posture at the moment, but “passengers may see an increased presence of local law enforcement officers throughout the country.”

Every commercial airport is required to have an airport security program that is approved by the TSA. But the agency said it is up to each airport authority and their local law enforcement partners to ensure the plan is implemented.

The screeners, who earn up to $30,000 annually, have not requested to carry guns themselves, but they do want an armed security officer present at every checkpoint, Cox said.

Congress may investigate the issue, but the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee issued a statement Saturday saying that the immediate issue should be comforting the family of the TSA agent who died in Friday’s shooting.

“As with any incident of this nature, there will be an appropriate time — after all the facts have been gathered and thoughtfully analyzed —to review existing policy and procedure to see what, if anything, can be learned from this unfortunate incident to help prevent future tragedies,” said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., who chairs the Homeland Security Committee.

TSA screeners often face physical and verbal attacks, but “there has never been anything life-threatening before,” Cox said.

Typically passengers will get angry with an airport screener if a bell goes off and the agent asks the passenger to pass through security a second time or if an agent confiscates a prohibited item.

“There used to be an armed police officer at each security checkpoint at all times,” Cox said.


11 thoughts on “TSA union calls for armed guards at every checkpoint

  1. Tsa agents are NOT officers, commissioned or otherwise. they do not undergo peace-officer or law enforcement training. this is truly another ratchet in the cog to criminalize the use and ownership of all gun and ammo “contraband” by the common sleeple. LAX SHOOTING= FALSE FLAG EVENT. look at the pics of the “shooter”…….. it s a dummy. and if you believe this story about the lax shooter, then you are a dummy too.

  2. And here we go! THE SOLUTION: ARMED TSA GUARDS!

    Man, you can’t even make this stuff up.

    False flag to the max.

    When is enough enough?

    By the way, TSA are not and will never be an “OFFICER” (so quit fueling the false propaganda), have ZERO police or security training, are a bunch of pedophiles, have toy badges and are about as trained as a movie theater usher with a walkie-talkie and a broom.

    Hell, mall security has more training than them. THEY ARE NOTHING! The only power they have is what we give them. GIVE THEM NOTHING!! End this shit! I’m sick of it!

    In addition to that, every airport already has armed security and security cameras everywhere so WHY THE HELL DO THEY NEED ARMED TSA? CHINA DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TSA OR ARMED SECURITY, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!

    HELLO!!! Wake up, sheeple!

    1. NC,
      From what I’ve read at different sites, the armed Police at LAX were taken away a few months before this false flag.
      Another site has it that a current TSA Agent has revealed that this FF was designed to get the TSA armed, WITH the abiltiy to arrest people. The Agents were (supposedly) told a few months back to get “trained” with firearms, that they were to be armed in the near future (para-phrasing). Also, witnesses saying that the shooter had a pump shotgun and a pistol (not an AR), and was wearing a TSA uniform (how true this is has not been totally confirmed yet).
      Add this together with the “note” found on the shooter speaking out against the NWO, TSA, etc, and we see some evil agenda’s taking shape: #1) ban on assaault weapons, #2) anyone against the NWO and the “Authoritie’s” will be “dealt with” , and #3) you will be “molested” at the airposts like never before.

      1. Yep, that’s what I’m hearing too, Mike.

        By the way, why did they remove armed police from LAX a few months ago? Could it be so they can plan, rehearse and implement this event? I THINK SO!

        Because if they had armed police still implemented THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!!!!! DUH!!!

  3. ““There used to be an armed police officer at each security checkpoint at all times,” Cox said.”

    Really? When was this? Refresh my memory, you piece of shit.

    “TSA behavior-detection officer Gerardo Hernandez, 39, was killed in Friday’s shooting, and two other agents were wounded.”

    So now there were two others wounded? I thought only one was supposedly shot and killed (if that person was even real or not).

    Man this story keeps changing faster than a baby’s diaper.

  4. End any possible chance of TSA officers being shot, false flag or not. Just remove TSA from airports and problem solved. Then let people with CCL fly without restrictions. At the very least get rid of that female dog running the department

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