3 thoughts on “Tucker: This is one of the greatest scandals of our age

  1. Covid outbreaks? WHAT covid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? Covid isn’t real, covid isn’t real, covid isn’t real, CIR, CIR, CIR….

    1. Yeah well you know, it’s Tucker, so he has to perpetuate the lie. He’s a good Communist.

      I like how they are acting like all of sudden now under Biden this is happening, like it was happening at all under Donny.

  2. Yes, and all these infected people “just want a better life”, how can anyone turn them away? Fools! They are building up their invasion army right here! That mummified son of a bitch and every other treasonous bastard associated with his ‘administration’ needs to be tried in a Common Law Court and sentenced to death for treason! In the meantime, start shooting these motherf***ing invaders right between the eyes!

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