TV news anchors are part of the infrastructure of terrorism. Ban them from your home.

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Media is a branch of government, and terrorism is a category of media.  Without the certainty of television coverage, and the instant emotional reaction of tens of millons of people, there wouldn’t be many terrorist attacks.  What would be the point?  Shock, and fear are psychological weapons which are carefully planned on a near daily basis to be transmitted directly into your head via TV news.   Without any media to deliver the shock to an audience, there would be little purpose in carrying out dramatic terror-inspiring acts.  


By watching television news and similar,  you are permitting the government to terrorise your mind.  By switching off, or not having a TV set, you are setting yourself free from the terror events which are designed to control your mind.  By not watching any of the news feed, you are also making terror events less likely to occur.  By watching, you are completing the delivery process required by those who wish to terrorise and control your mind, the sole purpose of acts of terror.  Don’t assist them.

As a news consumer, allowing your emotions to be swung around as intended, into fear, sadness, grief and shock, you are taking part in terrorism.  You have become the reason the acts are being committed.  Stand back and make your mind strong and resilient against the attacks which are aimed purely at you.  It is not inhuman to do so.  It is simply intelligent to refuse to be controlled through your emotions by TV images, which are often fabricated using Hollywood style techniques.  Sadly not always.

By allowing your enemy to make you afraid, and distressed, you are allowing him to achieve power over you.  The road to freedom is not going to be easy – far from it.   We should, however, at least not be cooperating with those who would enslave and kill much of humanity.  Switch off your TV.  News anchors are as much part of the terrorist infrastructure as the perpetrators of the acts.  Ban them from your home.

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3 thoughts on “TV news anchors are part of the infrastructure of terrorism. Ban them from your home.

  1. It is very few Anchors around here they are the best of people. It is some bosses and fake owners. Its also in the civic theaters. They head up world strife and disasters.

  2. “Switch off your TV.”

    Sage advice (for de-programming, that is).

    Only good for watching dvds.

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