Two conversations with two insiders: “Expect the unexpected”

Canada Free Press – by Doug Hagmann

America is a captured operation, captured from within. Time is too short to mince words or to fear the ridiculous accusations of “doom porn,” made either by the factually challenged or some paid, professional government trolls (see DHS Insider article by this author, later verified in the media) describing what you are about to read.

The opening words coming from my source inside the intelligence community tell much. “These people [the Obama regime and his handlers] are ‘pissed.’ They did not get what they wanted with Syria because we put them behind schedule by exposing Benghazi. The ‘alternative media’ put them behind, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up. Far from it. What it means is that they have the same objective, but are switching plans.”Within the last 24 hours, I had two separate conversations with two different sources, each saying nearly the same thing: Expect the unexpected. Wake up. Understand that everything we’re being told is a lie. We are at the epicenter of a ‘perfect storm.’  

To be clear, I asked about their end-game objective.

The objective is to create a new global economic and power structure by removing the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. By making the U.S. subservient to a global power structure. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this? Because they are complicit. Why aren’t the majority of those in the ‘alternative media’ talking about this? Because they are not looking at the bigger picture. The lie is bigger than they realize.”“The takedown of America as a viable global power, economically and militarily. They are counting on people’s attention being diverted to political theater, which is exactly what’s happening right now with the budget showdown. But no one is looking beyond the stage act and if they are, very few are understanding what they are seeing. They are thinking too small and are still clinging to the right-left paradigm of political theater,” he stated.

At this point, I informed my intelligence source about my conversation hours before with a financial insider who uses the internet pen-name “V, The Guerrilla Economist.” This financial insider has a near perfect record of accurate financial predictions as documented by his multiple disclosures on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, from the Bank of Japan through, most recently, Deutsche Bank. In addition to being a regular guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, he recently founded the website Rogue Money and appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory last week. He was emphatic about the current liquidity crisis in the U.S. “We’re broke, bankrupt, and not by accident, but by design.” he stated. “While some 18,000-plus Yankee fans who incredibly stood in line for hours last week to stake their claim to some cheap and meaningless plastic bobble-head of a retiring sports figure, their country and their pensions and retirement accounts are about to be looted. Sadly, this is the prevailing mentality that is allowing the power brokers and the complicit media to do what they will. But it’s even bigger. A perfect military, economic and political storm is brewing.”

“What people must realize is that China and Russia are acutely aware of our economic and military vulnerabilities, and are exploiting those vulnerabilities. China has positioned their economy for domination, world domination. Additionally, they have increased their military power to surpass that of the U.S.,” he added

“Currently, the Russians are teaming up with the Chinese and conducting warexercises. Remember that in 2008, a war simulation conducted using U.S. Joint Strike Force F-35 fighters against the Russian Su-35 heavy fighters, it was clear that the clear victors were the Russians. The U.S. JSF f-35s were ‘clubbed like baby seals.’ Don’t think for a minute that the Chinese and the Russians aren’t positioning themselves to dominate the U.S. militarily. In light of the U.S. involvement against Syria and Russia’s pushback, this is very significant,” stated this financial insider. Concurrent with the information I received from my intelligence insider, “V” added that the time clock for the U.S. dollar as holding the position of the world’s reserve currency is a ticking time bomb.

“Thanks to the policies of the Federal Reserve and this regime of economic psychopaths, the U.S. is in very deep financial trouble. Yet, you have politicians and talking heads on the news telling everyone that everything is okay. It’s far from okay, and we’ll be experiencing the same that is happening in Europe, with bank runs and bank holidays, in addition to the looting of our pensions and retirement accounts. It’s just a matter of when, not if.”  He also added that it is obvious that the plan is a single global currency, a one world economy. And with that comes a one world power structure to oversee this new world financial order.

“One more thing,” added this financial insider. “Domestically, watch more municipalities go belly up across the U.S., like Detroit. Do you know which city is right behind Detroit in terms of teetering on bankruptcy,” he asked me. “New York City. That’s right, New York City is right behind Detroit” and headed for a financial apocalypse.

Looking at the larger picture, we are at the precipice of an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a holiday at “Club Med,” compliments of the elite membership within “Club Fed.” “Club Fed” is populated by both democrats and republicans, progressives and conservatives, those elected and others appointed, all rabidly pining for a new world economic order. It is an incestuous group of international and domestic families consumed and propelled by greed and power who have been at this for decades, even generations.

As a result of their insatiable greed and lust for power and control, we are about to experience the pain of a world-wide crash and economic depression that will leave no one untouched. Moreover, it has been planned, awaiting the “perfect storm” to be formed. The last few isobars have been drawn on the map of devastation, and we are now in a short and deceptive calm before this storm hits us like a freight train.

As I continued my discussion with my intelligence insider, I asked what we might expect next from Syria and the Russia-China pushback against U.S. and Saudi hegemony in the Middle East. “We can expect to get hit, the other shoe to drop, but perhaps not in the manner we expected. They, the powerbrokers, the international bankers, the globalists will implement their agenda by whatever means fits the conditions that exist at the time. We’ve been saying that World War III will start in Syria, but their plans are not always foolproof. I don’t think they counted on the ‘alternative media’ to be as effective in exposing the real deal behind Benghazi, which was a weapons running operation to Syria, to slow them down. But it did. Now, they are switching to plan B, C or even plan Q,” he stated.

We’re in one of the most dangerous times in our history

“We’re in one of the most dangerous times in our history. Think about this, and I mean really think about it. If we believe that the real power masters were behind some of the most historic, life-altering and bloodiest events in history, whether it’s Benghazi, the military overthrows of sovereign countries, or even elements of 9/11 and going back even further to the assassination of JFK, what are they capable of now? It’s the same groups, the same families, but different generations. Their objectives have not changed.”

“Look at D-Day as a classic example of the art of deception in wartime. And make no mistake, we are at war being waged by the globalists. Based on elaborate deceptions that convinced Hitler that Patton would lead an attack at Calais, the real invasion happened at Normandy,” stated this intelligence insider. “They are using the same principals. They want to take us out from being politically, militarily and economically viable to implement their plans for a new global power structure. While we think the trigger event could happen in the Middle East, maybe it will happen in the U.S. instead. While we expected Syria to be the causative factor to usher in an economic collapse, perhaps the sequence of events have been changed,” he stated.

Regardless, their plans remain. We must think bigger, much bigger, and expect the unexpected, from false flags to real collapse.

Prepare. Pray.



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8 thoughts on “Two conversations with two insiders: “Expect the unexpected”

  1. Wow,…

    Talk about an article that actually says nothing!

    I’m pissed,… I want the three minites of my life to took to read that back!!!

    JD – US Marines – Yeah,.. we discuss this stuff everday on the show,.. and in greater detail,.. what was the point of this “insider’s” warning??

  2. US marine fighting Tyranny
    my take also.
    that happens with the web site…….canadafree press…seems they actually desire to be american, often at least, when they are not that………
    OH WEll….good to run into you DJ……… friend

    1. Hi Sgt. Beason (Haha,… I don’t know what rank you were,.. I’m just making that up…)

      Yeah,.. we have enough of the story figured out to not need any more “warnings”,… we know that,.. we need hard specifics if we want to try and predict exact coming events,.. and those are always in short supply! (providing facts must gov’t op.,.. thats why we never get the right ones!)

      Good to hear from you Beason,… another American by birth,… Patriot by choice!

      What was your rank anyway??

      Thanks – JD – US Marine fighting the traitors and morons inside,.. and outside our gov’t.

      1. Hi my favorite person on all this web site….
        JD and it has nothing to do with rank or military branch of service….and everything to do with the heart of what is our own country,….
        my rank in the army was E1 to E4…no demotions and an honorable discharge…within a bit less than two years….i was drafted…i resisted being so, then decided other than going to jail it had to be…and to this day,near the age of 70, I would garb a weapon and defend our shores…nothing else…cause as your man said…its a racket….and all those the world over during the last, what, 150-200 years, have died for a racket…at least most of them………..ouch.
        if you would care to get my email address from henry and that would be my pleasure to say hello to you…
        stay well JD

          1. exactly.
            my thoughts also……..
            take care

            and they think I’am supposed to add and subtract so as to say hello to you……..well………guess i did just that.

  3. Well, there is a divide taking place. We have a rogue gov’t taking our country in one direction, and, We the people, need to steer our country in the other direction. Those that are preparing and getting ready, will be somewhat self-sufficient, and will be the shots callers when this all breaks loose. I am going to be pointing my finger at anyone in a uniform, a three piece suit, or working for the man. And anything that will put the cog in the gears of the machine. Yep, that’s what happened in my dream. hahaha

  4. They, the powerbrokers, the international bankers, the globalists

    What is this, the Alex Jones show?

    Why don’t you say what ‘they’ really are?

    If you know who owns and runs those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street banks and owns and runs the Federal Reserve, and who controls the WH, and the Department of State and Treasury, you’ll know who those ‘globalists’ are.

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