Two Dallas Officers Shot In Northeast Dallas

Patch – by Payton Potter

DALLAS, TX — Two Dallas Police officers were shot and critically wounded Tuesday afternoon near a Home Depot store in Northeast Dallas, the department confirmed on Twitter.

A civilian was also shot, police said. That person’s condition is unknown.

A large police presence was seen gathered around the store after 4:00 p.m. Police said in an email the area remains a “very active scene.”  

Live video taken from a KDFW helicopter shows several police cruisers scattered around the loading dock of a Home Depot store located near the intersection of I-75 and Forest Lane.

Footage taken from various media outlets showed armed officers searching the Cottonwood Creek trail and creek bed behind the store.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Tweeted it is responding to the scene.

A call placed to the store was answered by an employee who told Patch the store was on lockdown.

“Please pray for our officers and their families,” Dallas police wrote on Twitter.

Residents are encouraged to avoid this area until the situation is resolved. In addition, DART announced on Twitter it will not service Forest Lane stops during the ongoing search for a shooter.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

>> Read the report on WFAA.

30 thoughts on “Two Dallas Officers Shot In Northeast Dallas

  1. “Two Dallas Police officers were shot and critically wounded…”


    Enough with the ‘critically wounded’ sh#t already.


      1. Well, that’s SOME comfort, after all.

        Just finished sending in articles, time to blaze. See you tomorrow, Angel (might go fishing, if this wind dies down) 🙂

        1. Still rootin’ for fatal, dear (LOL… your reply below 🙂 ).

          I see an excellent sounding article that wasn’t up when I left for lunch… Maine pig got smoked (made it beyond the ‘critically injured’ stage… YES!)

          1. Did you hear that they caught the Golden State Killer after 40 years? He’s an Ex-Cop. Was a Cop at the time.
            I’ve sent the story in for posting.

  2. I have a friend who was a Dallas police officer, navy veteran who decided to give “law enforcement” a try. He did not make two years before he quit.

  3. They don’t even say what was the purpose and reason for the contact to begin with ?

    I know they don’t need a reason anymore
    But clearly there’s more to this story


          1. “The two Dallas officers, a man and a woman both reportedly rookies in their 20s, were called to the Home Depot to help an off-duty officer who was working there make an arrest, Hall said.Shortly after the officers arrived, they were shot.
            Juarez pleaded guilty of stealing a car last November. He was wanted Tuesday after skipping a sentencing hearing in February.”

            “Around 4 p.m. an off-duty Dallas police officer was working at the Home Depot store along Forest Central Drive — near the intersection of Forest Lane and U.S. Highway 75. The officer detained a suspect and requested additional officers for assistance. After they arrived, the suspect fired a hand gun striking the two responding officers and a civilian, according to the police department.”

  4. Surely they were trying to round up illegals or someone like say Hillary, right, or just put any criminals name here that you find fitting.

    Oh, shoplifting? They were angry because they didn’t get the goodies on the side of the road after they stopped the car to perform some asset forfeiture.

    Sorry about the civilian, hope they recover.

      1. And shot by an illegal too! If the royalty start showing up critically wounded or dead, perhaps something will be down about the border. Can’t have the kings men being shot up, now can we?

      2. How can he be a civilian if and I quote you dear, “The two Dallas officers, a man and a woman both reportedly rookies in their 20s, were called to the Home Depot to help an OFF-DUTY OFFICER who was working there make an arrest, Hall said.Shortly after the officers arrived, they were shot.” be shot , (shrug) he’s a pig none the less. Oh and is the shooter not an illegal?

    1. Yeah, must have been an illegal. Steals a car and admits to it and is now free as a bird to steal some more. Can’t touch these kings men either.

  5. RAW VIDEO: Police chase of white truck related to shooting of 2 Dallas police officers

  6. “NBC DFW’s Jack Highberger spoke with Juarez’s grandmother, Janie Longoria, Tuesday night. She said she thought police were looking for her grandson for a warrant on a traffic violation, and was shocked to learn it had to do with the shootings.
    ‘It’s so devastating because we are all for the Blue. We back up our police officers, and I couldn’t believe that one of the members of my family would have done that,’ sad Longoria. ‘I have my niece, she’s a police officer, I have a nephew who is a police officer, I have a brother-in-law who is a sergeant in San Jose, California. I mean, my dad was a Texas Ranger.’ ”

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