Two Hangmen

Uploaded on Jan 22, 2009 by bear dyken

The Clan Dyken “Go Outside and Play” series presents an updated version of the Mason Profit classic “Two Hangmen”. Featuring Somer Moon, Bear Dyken, Silas Dyken, Mark Dyken, Nash Fedalizo, and Ryan Muckle.

15 thoughts on “Two Hangmen

    1. I just got home from work Angel-NYC. I see Henry did post it. This was posted awhile back but that music yesterday reminded me of these good ole boys. Digger had in his collection of old albums a couple Mason Proffit records that we enjoyed listening to. He also had The Beatles White Album in pristine shape that he gave to my son in law because he was such a big Beatles Fan. That’s just the way Digger was, very kind-hearted.

      1. hey Millard just tagged up on this. Lets all get together and have a hangin party. of course this will be after the court proceedings don’t ya know. 🙂

        love y’all

          1. Once all the traitors are hung and we sweep out the shithole called Wall Street, recover the trillions they’ve stole from us all, I want to go to my island, unfold my lounger, get some sand between my toes, crack open a “frosty” and just sit and watch the water go by. Or we could all meet on some island paradise using the money they have stolen. It’s our money, we’ll do what we want with it! My family has our yearly campout on the island all planned out for August 30th. I’ll take some pictures and e-mail you, Angel-NYC, and Henry and Laura.

          2. Yup. That’s the one, Paul. 😉

            Ahh. That would be nice. You’ve got a Date, Millard. LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

            What a great vacation with the family (esp. after such a tough winter). Yes, please send pix. 🙂

          3. August 30th, plenty of room on the island. Sugar sand beach with excellent fishing right from shore, eagle nest overlooking the campsite. We always throw our rough fish on the bank and the eagles come down and grab them not 50 yards from the campsite, it’s really cool. Fresh walleye for supper, I can’t wait! 🙂

          4. Aww Man… Rub it in. LOL
            Sounds like heaven. Wish we could join you.
            How long will you be away?

      2. OK, I’m confused. LOL Millard, thought you work the Night Shift. Did that change?
        Yes, these guys remind me of the guys I discovered yesterday, also. I remember Mason Profit. 🙂 WOW. Old memories 🙂 Happy to see the old tunes revisited. 🙂
        I know Digger had a “killer” collection. I’m happy it has been passed on. Sure miss him.

        1. We were really slow at the machine shop and a lot of the part timers weren’t getting any hours in. So I talked to my employer and he was fine with me helping Gary with fencing this week and Gary did need my help with this horse fence project. I was happy to open up the hours for the part-timers because I can make good money fencing too except those winter months when you can’t fence suck. I’ll be going back to the machine shop next week.

          1. Ahh, now I understand. I thought you only took a day. “A bad day of fencing is better than a good day at the shop.”
            🙂 😉

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