Two Zombie Attacks in Texas In Two Days, Zombie Plague Spreads.

Crazy Horse’s Ghost

On Saturday June 22, 2013 a man who’s friends said he was high on synthetic pot went wild and crazy. He stripped off his clothes and ran around the house on his all fours like an animal growling and screaming. At one point one of his friends locked the back glass screen door when the man went outside and the man screamed and then leaped through the locked screen door through the glass in the upper part of the door. He cut his chest and legs badly and was bleeding badly. He was scooping up his own blood with his hands and pushing it into his own mouth eating it.  

His friends terrier dog came into the kitchen and the screaming man beat the dog down with his fists and then tore it apart and ate it hair and all. Before the police and paramedics arrived on the scene the man had consumed most of the little terrier dog.

The police had to use tazzers on the man to finally bring him under control. They strapped him down to a stretcher and transported him to the mental ward of a local hospital in Houston Texas. They said the man had lost a good deal of blood from his self inflicted injuries and a police spokesman said that no one should smoke synthetic pot because it appears the product is really driving some people over the edge. He identified the man as 33 year old Michael Daniels of Houston Texas.

Man on synthetic pot goes wild and attacks his own family. Then kills the family dog and eats it. Man what is going on. Are the Zombies going to rule the world.

Second Zombie Attack Sunday June 23 , 2013, Houston Texas

This is real. Yes let me state that for the record. Something serious is going on and it appears it can be traced to the synthetic pot that some people are smoking.

Police were called to a house on the south side of Houston Texas early on Sunday morning and they found a scene right out of a horror movie. The first officiers on the scene said that Otty Sanchez a Mexican Female and a citizen of Mexico was setting on the couch with her throat slashed and bad cuts to her hands and arms. She was screaming and when they finally figured it out she was saying she had killed and eaten part of her 18 month old little boy. A search of the bedroom confirmed this. Police were also able to figure out that the knife wounds on the woman were self inflicted and that some of them were really bad knife wounds.

The womans husband was finally located hiding at a neighbors house. He said his wife and her friends had been smoking synthetic pot and that it always drove her crazy but this time she went totally over the edge.

The woman was transported to the same mental ward at a local hospital where the man from Saturdays Zombie attack had been taken. On Sunday afternoon the Houston Police Chief said that the synthetic pot was driving people crazy and that everyone should avoid it. He said that Otty Sanchez had been placed in a medically induced coma and that she would be in surgery for a number of hours on Sunday afternoon. He was asked if there had been other zombie attacks but he refused to answer this question. He said that there would be an update on Monday or earlier if anything happened to either Sanchez or Daniels. He said both were expected to recover fully from their injuries but refused to comment about what type of criminal charges would be filed against either of them in the future. And we will be sure to come back here and update when there is more to the story released by the Houston Texas Police Department.

50 thoughts on “Two Zombie Attacks in Texas In Two Days, Zombie Plague Spreads.

  1. Sounds like these guys had mental problems to begin with, and that they are blaming their actions on that synthetic pot. I am suprised they didn`t say that they wasn`t on the “bath salt” stuff……….. Yep, this reminds me of how they demonized marijuana when they came out with “Refer Madness”.

    1. I thought the same thing. My wife and I used to partake of the synthetic stuff fairly regularly without incident, even though I had read a few reports of weird things like this. I always assumed that it was just one piece of a larger puzzle, more of a coincidence than anything.

      That was before it happened to me.

      Earlier this year we had one or two hits one weekend morning, since there was nothing going on that day and we would just be lounging at the house anyway. I blacked out almost immediately and came to a short while later crawling on the floor with pieces of broken ceramic (from a coffee mug) around me. My wife was curled in a chair across the room with a terrified look on her face, telling 911 through the phone to hurry.

      I literally remember nothing that happened, but according to my wife I was threatening to kill her and crawling toward her waving shards of the mug around. She also said I was speaking in a horrific voice that didn’t sound like me at all. Before I came after her, I was apparently trying to hurt myself by bashing my head backwards in my porch chair against the wall pretty hard.

      I was taken to the hospital by police and managed to talk my way out of any further charges or, God forbid, being locked up. Haven’t touched the stuff since.

      There was nothing else involved. No alcohol, no other drugs, no wild night preceding, no weighing stress, and absolutely no problems between me and my wife. One or two hits of the stuff just temporarily transformed me into a crazy animal. My life and my wife are not worth the risk.

      So after several years being on the other side of the fence and being convinced that it wasn’t the spice causing problems with these incidents, it took one morning to completely change my thinking 180 degrees.

      Do what you want, I’ll never touch it again.

      1. Sounds like what you did was bad stuff. What was that they called it that you did. Just for reference for us all. 🙂 . It would be good o knopw what they called it, thanks Walt.

  2. Just in time for the movie World War Z. Great advertising for a mediocre movie.
    The earliest cases of “Zombies” were blamed on bath salts. Did people quit doing bath salts? Now it’s being blamed on synthetic pot. Both are unlikely unless they’ve been laced with something.
    The Gov. has had decades and Nazi scientists to work on some biological weapon that could cause zombie like symptoms. (project paperclip)
    They could be testing it. They’ve tested harmful substances on Americans before, so the precident has been set.
    The only question left is what will save us if it gets away from them. Maybe that’s the plan…

    1. I am thinking the same thing. If that synthetic pot was the blame for this happening you would be hearing of this happening a lot more. The same for bath salts.There are many tens of thousands of people smoking synthetic pot and if it was as violently dangerous as they say it is you would hear of a lot more incidents like this as things like this would not go unnoticed. The same with bath salts. There is not a substance out there that ya cannot say the same as they are sayin` about that synthetic pot. Hell, just look at how some people act when they drink too much.

      1. Digger,
        This is not marijuana, it is some kind of herbs sprayed with a chemical. They say it mimics THC, but I have never, nor do I know anyone who has ever hallucinated on pot.
        Here is the wikipedia definition:
        “Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive designer drug derived from natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2[1] and Spice,[2] both of which have largely become genericized trademarks used to refer to any synthetic cannabis product. (It is also for this reason that synthetic cannabis is often referred to as spice product, due to the latter.) There is controversy among calling Spice and K2 synthetic cannabis and is considered by some to be a misnomer, because the ingredients contained in these products are mimics, not copies of THC”
        They are probably spraying it with something like an altered version of PCP. They are just calling it synthetic marijuana because the thought of legalization and an end to the drug war and the billions the international corporate mafia make from the black market they have created, is unacceptable.

        1. Hey All, I have personally tried many different varieties of this imposter pot,IT SUCKS leaveing a true herbalist with a buzz that is more akin to drinking than smoking.It gives an alcohol high, room spins includedand the queesey drank too much feeling kicks in,but no urge to eat furry critters before killin,skinnin and cookin aforementioned small furry animal.I did read that the later versions out of china are laced with kidney harming chemicals like the kinds used in baby formula.

          1. Yea Steve, That stuff gave me the same effects as it did you. People smoke it only because it costs only about a third of what pot costs. If they were to legalize Herb and people grew their own then I can guarentee that most people would not be useing all of these new designer/fake drugs they got now days.

        2. Yes, I know Henry, I have known a lot people that smoke that synthetic stuff daily and they have no problems at all with it except that it doesn`t last as long as the real thing. I have smoked it a few times a year or so, and did some realy large doses of it and it didn`t remind me of any pot that I have smoked and I didn`t have any weird thoughts or hallucinations nor has any one that I know that have smoked it. It just doesn`t last very long compared to weed. In fact it is more of a relaxant even more so than Herb. I don`t promote anyone smoking or useing any substance but from my experience those that act like those in the article acted must have had some other/prior mental issues. They may have been combining different drugs or something. I could bet that they were on some parmaceutical/psych drug if anything and they smoked that stuff and they blame it all on that synthetic stuff. Like I say, I don`t promote or advise anyone to use any substance but if things like this fake pot was as bad as they make out that is then there would be way more incidences like this. Heck people used to smoke “passon flower” as a sustitute for herb.

          1. Hey Digger,That crap is the same price as real herb $30 an 1/8 in fact its $30 for 3g so it cost more than the real thing but here in W VA we have more dry spells than I can stand,but theres plenty of them fkn pills that seem to have hooked more kids than buddy weiser,the pill docs prescribe them like water after their “office visit” fees are paid,turning our kids into fkn junkies,now heroin is rageing everywhere thanxs to “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” in the poppy fields of afghanistan.THANK THE TROOPS FOR THE FLOOD OF HEROIN as they were just doing their DUTY.

          2. @Steve 8:17. Around here Pot worth smokin` is going for $60. -$80. a 1/8 oz. while that spice/k2 is going for $20. a 1/8. If I got it I will smoke a 1/8 oz. of BC bud a day. That is why I don`t smoke much anymore `cause I cannot afford it. Hell, it is even hard to get seeds just to grow a personal stash….. Yes Steve, we are haveing a BIG prob. with heroin, coke/crack, meth, and now I guess LSD in my area of Wi. This is just from what I hear – I stay away from most people so this is just from what I have heard on the nightly local news. If ya want it though and ya got money then ya can get it perty easily. That is partly why I don`t like money. You tend to find out just who your freinds are when you have no money 🙂

        3. I gotta go with Henry’s “altered version of PCP” theory, because Digger and Steve are describing effects that sound like the “angel dust” that was around in the late seventies.

          1. Yes Jolly they use to step on the pot with PCP back in the 60`s and call it “smack weed” here. I`ve smoked that and I`ve smoked this spice stuff and this K2 and other synthetic stuff and it doesn`t remind me at all of that if it was laced with PCP. This stuff is different than if it was laced with PCP or something like heroin. Yep, this stuff is different than that PCP stuff.

          2. Hey Jolly,I also did quite a bit of pcp back in the day,just a little tiny line and you had super like energy and a numb feeling for hours, so yes a lot of the numb is there but its more of a drunk lack of coordination type of high which really dissagrees with my buzz desires,never being much of a drinker as in 2 beers and Im staggering(pussy light weight) but as most know all chemicals effect each of us INDIVIDUALS differently since we are all unique MINORITIES unto ourselves.

          3. @ Steve 12:31. You are damned right Steve. I couldn`t agree more. Drugs affect every one differently. I can say that from personal experience with altered states. A lot of people call me a psyco naught, if you know what I mean by being called a psyco naught. I guess that us “psyco naughts” know our selves better than those that seem to know all about those bad and deadly drug/substances- if that is what they want to call it. 🙂

        4. Well Henry, many years ago, my brother and I had flew into Hilo, HI, and made our way to Kona. On our trip to the other side of the island we encountered some native Hawaiians who gave us a sample. We went to the motel and “tried” some. The stuff was so full of resin it stuck together like a “Toosie Roll”. I watched Mickey Mouse cartoons on the ceiling of the Hotel room and we didn’t have a projector. It has been the only time I visually hallucinated on pot.

          1. I too have smoked the maui and ‘wowie’. All these years I thought it was the mushrooms. LOL

    2. Laced with something?It’s all LACED with you or anyone else know what the hell is even in Bath Salts or Synthetic Weed? People need to educate themselves with what this shit is,and where it’s coming from before they jump to conclusions..Not saying it’s turning people into Zombies,but I know for a fact it’s fucking with peoples minds…Never heard of stuff like this happening off of REAL WEED..LEGALIZE IT!!

      1. That is why, Brandon, that there is so many new fangled designer drugs out there on the streets now days. They are all manufactured and developed by govt. supported companies.

  3. It is demon possession. The drugs open the mind to being controlled by demon.

    Look up what the Bible’s New Testament writers termed “pharmakeia” a.k.a. the occult, the man of the tombs story and other demon possession accounts.

    Occultists and those involved with demonic activity almost always use mind altering drugs for that purpose.

  4. Or…maybe the government is putting something in the air, water or what people are digesting? They make designer diseases in labs and release on the public all the time.

    So, smoking synthetic pots makes you go crazy?

    Any report of the officers taking the synthetic pot and analyzing it? How about doing some investigating why only in that area was reporting said behavior? How about investigating where they bought the pot? Nope, just that we got zombies.

    Seems this is important enough to investigate…don’t you think? So why isn’t the CDC, (criminal as they are) at least acting like they care? What if this was a terrorist attack from another country, like Venezuela?

    Is everything a scam and a distraction?

  5. Yes everything is a scam and a distraction. It’s hard to find truth. The CDC is too busy trying to make a case to disarm the public.
    @ Dan…I use to drink a LOT, therefore I was around people that drank.
    While I agree that pot makes people less aggressive than drinking, I’ve never been around a person that was drunk that wanted to eat a dog or someone’s face.

    I just had a thought. What if they spliced chimpanzee genes into humans, food, water or the air?
    There’s been 3 really horrible chimpanzee attacks in the last few years. See:
    St. James Davis, Andrew Oberle and Charla Nash.

    1. Wouldn`t supprise me one bit if they were mixing chimp genes with human genes…..Yea aliasooze, I never seen anybody eat a dog either on any kind of drug or substance, I have however seen a guy that was drunk and walked up to a dog and pulled a blood engorged wood tick off a dog with his teeth and eat the damned tick, yea he swallowed it and had tick blood squirt a little out of his mouth.. The tick was about the size of a nickle. Needless to say I haven`t had anything to do with the guy after that. The guy did get Lymes desease and had to be hospitalized for Lymes.

      1. LOL Karma’s a b#$ch. Glad to hear he got sick. Call it Darwin’s theory.
        Mad cow disease is something to think about too. It is spread by the feeding of slaughterhouse waste to livestock.
        Mad cow can be passed to humans and there is a human form of the disease as well (Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease).
        As sick as it is, scientists are splicing human cells into animals and plants. We are the test subjects. Solent Green comes to mind.

        1. Yep aliasooze, if we all are going to survive we are going to have to get back to the small farm and go as organic as possible. It is criminal what the comercial food industry is doing to our food. It wouldn`t suprise me a second if these food additives, chem trails, air polution, etc. doesn`t have a major part to play in what happened in the article. Jut look at all of the mentle health prob.s and birth defects we all are haveing sinse the 60`s .

      2. I remember that dumba##. Digger, did you know that he was hospitalized about 3 weeks after that with a bad case of Lyme’s disease.

        1. Yea, and I bet that he has heart prob.s now too. He was a loud mouth cocky f`er anyway thinking that it was cool to do things like he did.

    1. HaHa LOL, Yes Steve, the first sentence of the article said June 22, 2013 and on the picture it says June 26, 2012. Must be a typo or something. Good one Steve 🙂

    2. Good eye, Steve. Didn’t notice that. Man, no matter how hard some of us try, we always seem to overlook something so obvious. That’s why I like this site. The people/commenters all have good eyes and instincts to the point that if someone misses a beat, another person is sure to pick up what the rest of us had missed and quickly posts it for all to see in the comment section.

  6. @ Steve…you’re right. Like I said great advertising for the movie World War Z. The movie sucks. Don’t bother.

    1. Yea the movie does suck. I saw it the other day. Almost got into a brawl with some young teenage Mexican punk because his wife wouldn’t get his crying baby out of the theater. No one can hear the damn movie and he has the balls to start something with me? Take your baby out of the theater and stop ruining it for the rest of us! Hire a babysitter. Who the hell brings a baby to see a zombie movie anyways? Goes to show you our F**ked up society.

  7. I’m amazed at the attention this article is getting about a couple of synthetic Pot Heads & Zombies! if you would put as much effort forth in constructive ways to save our country from the Evil Political Sociopaths we might have a chance of saving Freedom & Liberty, but, you’re entitled to your own sense of values…..think about it! Continue to EXPOSE for Liberty

    1. I agree with ya R.C., however if the govt. would put as much energy in our own country instead of brown noseing with countries like isreal and them others we wouldn`t have the drug/alchohol problem here in the good ole USofA. Our govt. lies to the public all the time about this drug issue and the people know it. If people felt safe and secure in our own country then we would never have these problems like we see today with issues like this article. There is always going to be people useing substances, but not like people have since Viet Nam. Our govt. is made up of a bunch of swindlers and lyers and this is the end result of their lies.

    2. RC,If you would open YOUR eyes you might grasp the RELATIONSHIP behind this “propaganda” and the AGENDA of making cops look at us THEIR MASTERS as ZOMBIES/ENEMIES as this is the gubberments term for PATRIOTS. INSTEAD OF PETTY USELESS DEVISIVE CRITIQUE what have you done?
      Have you refused to pay taxes,have you prepped,have you quit supporting the Usuary system.HAVE YOU BRUSHED YOUR TEETH you see one can always critique others,if our interests are different than yours so what,who died and left you boss of my thoughts and conversations? This “zombie” push MUST BE EXPOSED AND TALKED ABOUT TO EXPOSE THE HOAX.

  8. Anything to give a good Herb a bad name. Azzholes seem to be doing a modernized “Reefer Madness” re-make using the “Zombie” SiFi approach. Not falling for it.

    There’s way too much ongoing positive research to demonize pot.

    Eating dogs? How’s about a bunch of Nigerians eating each other during civil war? Batsh!t crazies are nothing new. Feds testing a psycho-active drugs on unsuspecting humans isn’t either.

  9. Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist this one. It’s been months since any good zombie stories have come up.

    Personally, I think it’s just part of their agenda to acclimate people to the possibility of such a thing as real zombies in our midst.

    Just in case they decide to go with the ‘zombie apocalypse’ scenario, as opposed to the fake ‘alien invasion’ one.

    They like to keep all their options open.

      1. You mean that stuff they blow in your face, and you don’t remember anything after that, digger?

    1. Yea, #1. It also seems to me that lately the elite are having trouble deciding whether they want to go with the “fake alien invasion” or the “zombie attack” scenario. Vampires and werewolves were going for awhile there, too, but I think they gave up on those ones.

      1. I’ve always figured the fake ‘alien invasion’ was their # 1 choice, simply because of the Iron Mountain report. Also the fact that they have all the technology they need for it, plus many decades of planning. It probably is their top option at this point. Besides, Hollywood has made FAR more alien movies than all the zombie, vampire, and werewolf ones combined.

        That’s a pretty fair indicator much of the time.

  10. My biggest problem here is that they just automatically call it zombies. A zombie is:

    – Originally, a snake-deity of or deriving from West Africa and Haiti.
    – A soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, esp. in certain African and Caribbean religions.

    Just because these incidences are similar to the dramatized “zombie” attacks of movies doesn’t make them zombie attacks. It is just people going crazy off of what is likely a combination of synthetic chemicals and mental disorders.

  11. Hi….just wanted to let you know that the Otty Sanchez case happened in San Antonio NOT Houston! Also this happened in July of 2009….how do I know?…well My cousin was one of the first officers that responded to this call. The baby was 3 1/2 weeks old and she did in fact eat his brain along with other parts. She is not in jail she is in a Mental Hospital because the courts found her insane. Here is a youtube video from the AP.

  12. There was a short period of time when I was smoking a wide variety of reefer substitutes and at one point I could hear not only my own voice in my head, but also an echo of my own voice, plus a third voice that was not my own, and I sensed a malevolent presence in the room with me, like a demon or something like that. Then my friend showed up and told me that spice had been giving people schizophrenia. And so I bought some real pot and it was way better anyway. I don’t still smoke but that’s pretty much my story.

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