U.K. Paper: U.S. No Longer Superpower Thanks To Obama

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In a scathing indictment of the Obama regime, a recent Daily Telegraph column offers an international perspective of America’s current predicament. According to Con Coughlin, a global security expert and defense editor at the United Kingdom-based paper, the superpower status long enjoyed by the U.S. is quickly deteriorating. Most of that blame, he notes, lies with Barack Obama.

Calling the devolution into a federal government shutdown “humiliating,” Coughlin wrote that this represents just the latest in a series of missteps by the 44th president.  

Coughlin also chided Obama for his deeply flawed healthcare reform law, which initiated the congressional stalemate that ultimately resulted in the shutdown.

Aligning with House Republicans who tried feverishly to enact a resolution that would de-fund or postpone its implementation, the writer said that ObamaCare is mired in unknown consequences and “risks adding to America’s debt mountain.”

Finally, Coughlin pointed to the disparate reactions between Obama and Vladimir Putin regarding upheaval in Syria as a sign of the former’s “inability to provide decisive leadership.”

The international community views the Russian leader’s response to that conflict as more direct and decisive, which Coughlin suggests has further damaged the U.S. brand worldwide.

He summarizes his position with a comment likely to resonate with millions in this country, concluding that “the longer the Obama presidency continues, the more America’s status as a superpower ebbs away.”

There are countless other instances throughout the past five years that show Obama is either chronically inept or systematically trying to ruin America. Many feel his consistent missteps have been caused by a combination of both. Regardless of his intentions, however, the fact remains that — both within the U.S. and abroad — Obama is seen as ushering in the downfall of this great nation.

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10 thoughts on “U.K. Paper: U.S. No Longer Superpower Thanks To Obama

  1. So many countries around the world can see who’s face is on the most recent failures of our nation but there are still Americans who think it’s all congress fault… I blame curious George

    1. Totally agree, Bush took on a healthy economy with an under control deficit and debt and in one term had turned it around into an out of control disaster that wiped out not only its own good will built up over decades but the good will and economies of its friends too.

    1. James kelley, you’ve reminded me of someone who passed away recently.

      Jim kelly of enter the dragon. One of my favorite movies.
      And a most memorable performance.

      “Bullshit mr han man!”


  2. Obama ain’t chronically inept. He’s just systematically doing what his puppet masters are telling him to do. There’s no other logical explanation. He’s either blackmailed into it, controlled or just enjoys seeing America fall. From what I’ve seen, it’s that simple.

  3. Another foreigner sitting in his ivory tower, proclaiming to know all.

    None of these ‘experts’ speak the truth that this could be avoided by Obama issuing an Executive Order, like JFK did to print some debt-free currency to pay our bills.

    Try writing a ‘Letter to the Editor’ of a local big city newspaper saying as much, adding that we could save over 450 BILLION a year in interest that is paid to the vampire gang of banksters and watch them toss the letter.

    1. Have you thought that outside commentators have a degree of reality that the US government has not?

      Whenever I hear of Obama proclaiming recovery and everything is going to be alright, I have to think of Hitler in the last fortnight as the Russians were encircling Berlin and how his radio broadcasts of super weapons were going to win the war still.

      No one likes to see their country rubbished but you have to admit that those in charge have made a damned awful mess of things, Obama is by no means responsible for the current mess he inherited from Bush but he has done little to fix that mess and I think it is because he found out he can’t fix it, its too far gone.

      But anyone who thinks that this situation will last forever lives in a world of delusion, the world order has changed and America is on the descent and purely through the US governments own doing.

  4. Cut-out puppet obama was born into the arms of communism.
    Frank davis marshal was his mentor and possibly father.
    He’s been surrounded by red revolutionaries like bill ayres.
    He’s been indoctrinated since birth to hate what america stands for.
    He is the destroyer.

    Ahhh, but if he’s been raised in communism, and is set to destroy america where can the blame be laid? On obama? To one degree yes, he’s the enabler. Yet, he’s been programmed and he’s on commie auto-pilot.

    However, the real blame can be squarely laid at the feet of the khazar ‘jews’ the inventors of communism…for they are the puppet masters.
    And, i’ll never lose sight of that.


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