U.S. Military Holds ‘Q Course’ Guerilla Warfare Exercise in North Carolina Against ‘Patriotic Freedom Fighters’

Daily Veracity – by Jill Schrider

How the annual Robin Sage special forces guerrilla warfare training session feels different in the age of lockdowns, quarantines, and compulsory vaccinations.

While the U.S. government has labeled far-right extremists the number one domestic terror threat, as popular television shows, celebrities, and video games echo such sentiments, it is no wonder conservatives are feeling anxious hearing stories of military drills conducted against simulated rebel ‘freedom fighters’ on U.S. soil.

The annual Robin Sage special forces training exercises have put American conservatives on edge, as trust in law enforcement and government agencies hit record lows among the country’s Republican voters. After numerous high-profile incidents of federal and state misconduct in the 2020 election, as well as the continued nationwide January 6 manhunt of conservatives, any remaining trust in the federal government is fleeting fast among the country’s MAGA constituency.

Robin Sage is a two-week special forces exercise wherein military participants are dropped into realistic guerilla warfare situations on U.S. soil, where resistance fighters, militias, and civilian combatants are both trained and fought. To bring a level of realism to the exercise, civilian volunteers throughout the state of North Carolina participate as role-players in the military exercise.

“During the exercise, 8,500 square miles of central North Carolina becomes the Republic of Pineland. Over 1,000 people consisting of instructors, students, volunteers, civilian authorities, and the citizens from the area participate. Local citizens portray natives and auxiliary forces while additional servicemembers role-play opposing and guerrilla forces to depict a realistic unconventional warfare environment.” – Army.Mil

While military personal insist the knowledge developed during gorilla warfare training exercises is utilized in places far away from the American homeland, eerily familiar imagery used within the fictional country of Pineland has raised eyebrows within the U.S. conservative base.

Similarly, residents who participate in the training exercise appear to be your normal, average blue-collar American conservative, which by liberal standards, represents the definition of far-right extremist.

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