U.S. Uranium Equips Russian Nukes

Published on Feb 16, 2016 by Richmond Peace

The Russian Federation has strategic leverage over the global supply of nuclear weapons and energy grade uranium. Bill & Hillary Clinton brokered the sale of American uranium to Russia for bribes from the Banking & the Mining industry

6 thoughts on “U.S. Uranium Equips Russian Nukes

  1. Now everybody should know that Putin is one of them when he can get that close to Hitlery without jumping in the air and running away screaming.
    100% PROOF!

    1. Good video. Puts a whole new spin on the Mormons, and the Evangelicals, more stinkin’ dirty churches. This issue would make an excellent basis to pose some questions to the Bundys face to face.

      Years ago I tried to dig up reproductions of Mae Brussels broadcasts but was mostly unsuccessful. Glad to see there’s now a website. If I recall correctly, wasn’t she targeted by the CIA with some secret weapon (secret at that time) and her house or the CIA’s watchhouse across the street burned to the ground after her death?

  2. Nailed it!!! The true power is the global money masters, IMF, BIS(bank for international settlements) and the folks that sit head chair of those organizations. Which probably means only a select few really know who’s running the world by fiat..

    All government heads of state are just that–HEADS that do what they’re told. Yes, they can do shady business deals for their own interests as long as they continue to push the agenda,

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