Uber Zionist Naftali Bennett Declares Two State Solution “Dead” – Demands Israel Take All of Palestine

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

(well, this one will get me on a list somewhere)

It must be said that this land has been ours for 3,000 yearsThere was never a Palestinian state here, and we were never occupiers, this is our home. The house is ours and we are residents here, not the occupiers.” Zionist Economics Minister Naftali Bennett  

Multimillion and extremist Zionist Economics Minister Naftali Bennett says the Two State solution is dead and it’s time Israelis faced the fact that they should just sweep up all the rest of the good land that used to be Palestine and enslaved it’s inhabitants to work in Israeli “free trade zone” industrial parks.

The two-state solution is dead, Israeli government minister Naftali Bennett, head of the coalition partner Jewish Home Party, told a settlers’ group.

Never has so much time been invested in something so pointless,” Bennett told a meeting Monday of the Yesha Council in Jerusalem. “We need to build, build, build.”

(T)he challenge now is how do we move forward from here, knowing that a Palestinian state within Israel is not possible, Bennett reportedly also said, adding: “We have to move from solving the problem to living with the problem.” Jewish Journal

(ok. I took liberties with the “enslaving” part, but that’s basically what he’s saying… kind of a rough translation ;) )


Naftali Bennett is an Israeli politician and former software entrepreneur. He is the leader of the right-wing political party The Jewish Home, as well as the extra-parliamentary movement My Israel and former leader of the Judea and Samaria Settlement Council.

My Israel is an online campaign to go after those of us who don’t think Zionism is such a good thing. They also seem to like to edit Wikipedia in favor of Zionist belief structure rather than actual history.

“On 3 August 2010, it was reported that the Yesha Council together withIsrael Sheli (My Israel), a network of online pro-Israel activists committed to spreading Zionism online, were organizing people at a workshop inJerusalem to teach them how to edit Wikipedia articles in a pro-Israeli way”

Imagine that: the Yesha Council working with My Israel on the project… I wonder who put that together.

Welcome to the real One State solution folks. Everything for Israel and nothing for the “occupiers”, the Palestinian people. Ever wonder where the One State solution comes from? Now you know.


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