Ukraine ultranationalist leader vows to hang new interior minister ‘like a dog’

Published on Mar 1, 2014 by RT

Some of those who helped the current Kiev government into power, are already vowing to turn against the new authorities. Radical militant leader Aleksadndr Muzychko is seen in the video reacting to the Interior Minister’s pledge to investigate his recent actions. Muzyuchko is known for his anti-semitic and neo-nazi views, as well as for fighting against Russian troops in the Chechen campaign in the 1990s.


4 thoughts on “Ukraine ultranationalist leader vows to hang new interior minister ‘like a dog’

  1. Will the ignorant masses ever tire of trading one master for another while killing each other for their own preferred masters?The state is expensive and war is stupid.As it is stupid to do the bidding of any state in the hope of individual freedom.When the new kid in town wants to start hanging people like dogs it makes one to wonder how many dogs he’s hanged and why.I don’t follow leaders but if I did I would have to reject this fellow on the grounds of my generally affable association with dogs.

    1. Everything in Ukraine is staged these days. The way I see it, it all just seems like a diversion for Syrian intervention. I hope Putin is smarter than that. He better not take his eye off of Syria and Iran or it’s checkmate.

  2. Actually, I’ve never seen a dog hanged. I have no idea how this particular expression came about.

    Regardless, this situation is expanding exponentially, and it looks ALL bad, imo.

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