Ukraine’s military carry out artillery strikes on positions of self-defense forces

A woman cries near her burning house after shelling in east Ukraine's Donetsk Region, Jun. 30ITAR-TASS

KIEV, July 01. /ITAR-TASS/. After Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko unilaterally terminated ceasefire, the military forces began an operation “on destroying terrorist groups” in the south-east, UNIAN agency reported.

The agency said that aviation and artillery strikes are made on strongholds and positions of the self-defense forces.  

The Ukrainian Pravda newspaper confirmed that aviation and artillery were used in the attack. Citing sources from the headquarters of the military operation’s commanders, the paper said strikes were carried out against the positions of anti-government forces.

Overnight to Tuesday, a representative of the self-defense forces told ITAR-TASS that powerful explosions and intensive gunfire was heard near the airport in Kramatorsk in the Donetsk Region.

INFOGRAPHICSWho fights in UkraineWho fights in Ukraine

The political crisis in Ukraine led to the formation of many armed groups on its territory. Infographics by ITAR-TASS

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