Umm, WTF Is Smell Dating?

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If we’d told you a decade ago that your dating life would mostly consist of going out with total strangers you met on the Internet, you’d call us crazy. So hear us out as we describe what is, hands down, the weirdest thing we’ve ever heard: A new Brooklyn dating service lets you sniff other people’s dirty laundry to find love on a deeper, more scientific level. Is it the future of matchmaking?   

WTF is a smell date? Smell Dating sends you a T-shirt, instructs you to wear it for three days and three nights without deodorant (yep) and send it back to them. They’ll then send you ten swatches of T-shirts worn by potential matches. You smell the shirts and decide which ones you like the best. If the owner of the swatch liked your smell, too, it’s a match.

Wait, I can’t wear deodorant? Nope. According to the website, “wearing deodorant or perfume masks body odor. Embrace the musky possibilities.” Hmm, something tells us we’re not going to like the smell of any of these swatches.

How much does it cost? $25, which includes the price of the T-shirt and shipping costs.

And this is supposed to work…how? The folks at Smell Dating believe that romantic compatibility is chemical, not visual or intellectual. So while swiping right on your phone is entertaining, it’s creating an artificial world that makes it tough to find a real match. Smell Dating breaks down those barriers, so you can rely on what they call your “molecular intuition.” You know, if you can ignore how seriously creepy it is that strangers are sniffing your dirty clothes.

Hmmm. Only in New York!

One thought on “Umm, WTF Is Smell Dating?

  1. This technique works well. My DOG does it all the time.

    I’ve had more than my share of psychotic girlfriends, but one who decides to go out with me based on the smell of my dirty laundry will definitely be too far off the deep end.

    Take this company’s entire subscriber list and get ’em all dates with a psychiatrist.

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