Under 21 ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Requiring Gun Surrender Clears Illinois Senate

Truth in Media – by Barry Donegan

The Illinois State Senate passed HB 1465 on Wednesday, a bill banning the sale of certain types of semi-automatic weapons to individuals under age 21. The bill would also make owning such a weapon below that age a Class 3 felony for a first offense and a Class 2 felony for a second offense.

The bill deviates from the traditional military definition of assault rifle, requiring the weapon to be capable of selective fire options like three round bursts and fully-automatic, and instead defines it as any semi-automatic rifle or pistol with a belt or magazine fed system capable of more than 10 rounds or featuring a folding stock or the ability to accept tactical attachments such as scopes. The definition also includes some .50 caliber rifles. Those individuals currently owning the weapons would be required to surrender them within 90 days.  

According to WAND-TV, the bill passed by a vote of 33 to 22. It previously passed the House, but must go back to the House for reconciliation after lawmakers added an amendment that would allow individuals who owned such weapons prior to the passage of the law to use that fact as an affirmative defense when facing felony charges under the legislation.

The amendment was added to attract Republican votes to the bill, but Mahomet Republican state Sen. Chapin Rose told Watchdog.org that the amendment would not necessarily protect owners of the weapons from facing felony charges if they do not surrender them. He believes the bill should have exempted current owners of the weapons from facing charges, rather than just offering them an affirmative defense while under arrest.

“Never mind the fact that you’re an innocent person and you’re in shackles and have been taken to jail and booked and your mugshot is now on TV,” said Sen. Rose.

The Illinois State Senate also passed HB 1467 on Wednesday, which bans bump stocks and trigger cranks in the state, and added an amendment to that bill allowing localities to ban what it defines as assault weapons, potentially creating different gun laws on a town-by-town basis in the state.

In addition, the Illinois House of Representatives recently passed HB 1468, which would impose a 72-hour waiting period on purchases of items defined as assault weapons under the bill. The Senate has yet to vote on the measure.

The Illinois General Assembly is controlled by a Democratic majority. Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner recently vetoed a bill that would have required gun retailers to be licensed by the state, claiming that to be “unnecessary, burdensome regulation.”

Gubernatorial vetoes can be overturned by a three-fifths majority vote in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly.

Truth in Media

10 thoughts on “Under 21 ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Requiring Gun Surrender Clears Illinois Senate

  1. You have to be 21 to buy a weapon in USA , but it’s OK for 18 year olds to go off to war in another country and use the same AR-15s…..makes perfect sense…

  2. “… the amendment would not necessarily protect owners of the weapons from facing felony charges if they do not surrender them.”




  3. Actually its worse than the article states. The amendment added also repeals the preemption in state law that bans local municipalities from banning guns outside of state law. Under the amendment added by the Illinois Senate. if passed it would allow any municipality to BAN ANY LONG GUN THEY CHOOSE.

    The only chance Illinoisans have is to call their weak governor and beg him to VETO the bills.
    So far most Illinois gun owner are unaware those bills even passed let alone are going to the Governor. The bills mentioned are also only a few of the bills in play in Illinois. The Democrats want to ban all the guns they can.

    1. Your boy Trump is a Republican and he wants to ban all the guns he can too and encouraged all the states to do what Illinois just did.
      When are you people going to wake up and realize there is no left, there is no right, no conservative, no liberal? There is just the absolute law of the Bill of Rights or there is not.
      Defiance to death for the true patriot. These bastards are going to be crushed.

      1. God damn right Henry! I can’t believe what I just read….”The only chance Illinoisans have is to call their weak governor and beg him to VETO the bills.”
        Beg it says, BEG! Wow, just wow. I have no words.

      2. First Henry; i agree with you. Its the Bill of Rights and nothing else.

        Henry, defiance sounds good but did people in others states take the type of stand you are suggesting.?

        Answer—- Don’t think so.

        Most people in Illinois feel like they have no hope, No pride, no self-respect, so Begging is about the only thing they have left.
        Most of the people will turn in every gun they own.

        But i must admit there is the chance George B is searching for a reaction to see if people will grow a backbone and fight for the Bill Of Rights.

        I did notice you used the Trump card. Who says the problem is all Trump. A lot of people think the way I think the whole system has gone to the Devil.

        Dems, repubs, conservs, libs; not much difference

        1. Absolutely, people in other places have still retained their balls. The way you speak of Illinoisans portrays them as herd animals, you know, like sheep. I guess considering Rahm Emanual and the situation they put up with in Chicago, some are. That is why we preach standing up as individuals. The sheep need to get out of the way and crawl in a hole somewhere.
          Always remember, it was a mere 3% of hard boiled Americans that took this country from a king. If every true American steals him or herself to absolute resistance to tyranny, we cannot be defeated.
          Sometimes my words might seem a little hard, but are indeed soft in comparison to the reality of war. And always remember that our oppressors are but a small handful hiding in a herd of sheep. The cowards out there who would beg are worthless to themselves and everyone around them, but you will notice they are the ones elevated and put in the spotlight because they do acquiesce. Our enemies would have us believe that they are we.
          This is why I advocate for straight up mean and hateful treatment to every one of them encountered.
          In short, they better stop worrying about the handful of communists herding them about and start worrying about us.
          I don’t know about you, but I am finished tolerating cowards. They have no business in my great country.

  4. All the more reason you should NEVER have registered ANYTHING. Those of you who did, gave up your ability to hit and run along with some other abilities.

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