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Understanding the Threat—Antigovernment Extremists

Published on Aug 3, 2016 by Southern Poverty Law Center

Learn the warning signs when antigovernment leaders have targeted your community, and what to do when your community is under threat, in this 12-minutes roll call video.

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4 Responses to Understanding the Threat—Antigovernment Extremists

  1. Jgo says:

    Why don’t you investigate AIPAC, the real threat to each and every sovereign being in the USA..OH damb…your on their pay roll…

  2. Martist says:

    james cavanaugh. WE will remember your face and your name.

    You are a traitor to the Republic and deserve to hang for your crimes.

    Please do not die of old age before the People can punish you accordingly.

  3. Cleatus says:

    What a P.O.S.

  4. Paul C says:

    these bat faggets are pushing gun confiscation and attacking the first article ,hey they are the enemy of the Bill of Rights ,this is all Zionist Jew propaganda BS!

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