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Unemployment No Brainer

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2 Responses to Unemployment No Brainer

  1. NC says:

    More like 90 million unemployed as that is not including those who have given up on work or who are on the streets in tent cities.

  2. Michael says:

    The goal is not just to get cheap labor, it must be to make americans lose everything they worked for and give it to someone else. Or to make us angry they hope we will take it out on the illegals instead of the traitors in office. Or they simply want this to be mexico, and india. Or they believe business when it lays off workers and then cries about needing more workers imported.
    There is an answer. Just like with a child if there are no consequences for their bad behavior there is no incentive to do better. And so far we have given these bastards no consequences. They used to work for us. But no longer we are supposed to cow-tow to the very people who are stealing everything form us and trying to give it to illegal and unneeded immigrants.
    I say we give them some consequences, that do not involve a ballot, maybe a warrant instead.

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