University Vigil Honors Student Victims

Published on May 27, 2014 by Associated Press

Thousands gathered at the University of California, Santa Barbara on Tuesday to mourn six students killed in a weekend rampage as California lawmakers proposed new ways of keeping guns out of the hands of disturbed killers. (May 27)

One thought on “University Vigil Honors Student Victims

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    IF,… IF anyone even died in this staged event,… then my only regret is that the shooter didn’t put this slimely, want-to-be-actor out of his misery like his claimed son was.

    I have zero sympathy for this fraud,…. he is a two-bit, Steven King looking actor that couldn’t even make it in a low budget “B” flick.

    This is Stage-Craft at it’s worst.

    From the article:

    “California lawmakers proposed new ways of keeping guns out of the hands of disturbed killers.”

    Hmmm,… lets see,.. OH YEAH,… you mean like all the militarized police, DHS, and every other illegal and lawless agency of this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation?,.. THOSE disturbed killers???

    Why of course thats what he meant.

    JD – US Marines – We here at FTTWR, warned anyone/everyone, that we were definitely overdue for another Gun-Grabbing MCE,… and,… VIOLA!,… here it is,.. right on cue.

    Good job FBI, DHS, NSA,.. and all you other pyshco agencies that are in on this, except your story sucked, your timeline impossible, your story completely unbelievable, and your main actor,… SUCKS,… Hmmm,…. I gues it was NOT a good job after all.

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