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Unseen Footage of Las Vegas Strip Shooter Blasting Into Crowd , Las Vegas Oct 1st Mandalay Bay

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Published on Oct 2, 2017

Las vegas shooter live on camera shooting

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4 Responses to Unseen Footage of Las Vegas Strip Shooter Blasting Into Crowd , Las Vegas Oct 1st Mandalay Bay

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I didn’t really see any shooter in there (or muzzle flash) There was one flash of light near the beginning, but I can’t tell what it was.

    Is it possible that gunfire sounds were added to someone’s cell phone video to create a fake gunner?

    Maybe there was something in there that I didn’t see, but because everyone is questioning this, the propagandists’ next move, will be to produce a lot of nonsense to muddy the waters, and attempt to discredit everyone who is claiming there was more than one shooter.

    Watch the BS “crazy conspiracy theories” pile up quick now. They’ll try to discredit all good evidence by producing wholesale BS on the matter.

  2. HD says:

    Nor could I see a shooter on the ground . But again it hard too see the way the Cameraman moving

  3. Bravo3 says:

    Whoever turned up the house lights during the shooting needs to found and held under a welding torch for an hour.

  4. flee says:

    I see marketing value here.

    Mandalay creates a new show and tour of the crime scene.

    Where a bus load of Japanese and Chinese tourists walk through body chalk lines and the hotel terrorist room.

    At the end of the terrorist tour.

    They get a magic show of holographic figures of Lance Burton and Chris Angel.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Sorry… that was my capitalistic Jew DNA…rearing its ugly heads.


    The Musical…and RollerCoaster Magic Show.

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